Mon 29th Apr 2019, Wellingborough

Levels 1 & 2:
Judges - Susan Ann Benson & Wendy Rose Clay
Level 1

1 Emma Conlisk – Danny – 100
2 Michelle Allen – Pye – 99.75
3 Katherine Miell – Heston – 99.75
4 Alli McBain – Birdie – 99.7
5 Marie Poole – Roger – 99
6 Val Russell – Del – 94.65
7 Wesley Evans – Dragon – 94.4
8 Chris Baldwin – Piglet – 79.75
9 Christine Williams – Barley – 79.7
10 Laura Burton – Jett – 79.5
11 Rosemary Steen – Harley – 79
12 Chrissie McCroroy – Paddy – 78.95
13 Cath Seddon – Reaper – 77.2

Level 2

1 Sonia Pidhajeckyj – Ruby – 100
2 Gloria Bonnell – Jade – 100
3 Hayley Frosdick – Ruby – 100
4 Charles Robert – Breeze – 99.95
5 Helen Pye – Chester – 99.95
6 Christine Layton – Soul – 99.95
7 Lynda Stangle – Magic – 99.95
8 Val Isherwood – Heike – 99.75
9 Marie Poole – Roger – 89.75
10 John Hearn – Skip – 89.75
11 Rebbecca Gray – Leo – 89.45
12 Denis Layton – Ruff – 89.25
13 Alan Clancy – Rhum – 80
14 Heather Bhasin – Georgie – 79.7
15 Cath Seddon – Dana – 77.5

Another lovely sunny but very cold day here in our new venue at the Rugby Club in Wellingborough. It is so lovely to have such a huge car park (at least 100 spaces!!!) No neighbours so dogs and people can make as much noise as they like.

There is also a massive field for dogs to be exercised.

A great turn out again today (even though it is a Monday!!). Both judges arrived in plenty of time to sort themselves out before their judges briefing. Have a lovely warm drink before braving the cold.

Wendy Rose Clay made her judging debut here today and proved to be a very capable judge. She was happy to do the exterior search to start with and Susan Benson started with the tables and chairs. These both went ahead without any hiccups. We are so lucky at this venue as we do not have any public walking around the car park.

As the hall is large enough we sectioned it into two search areas so we could leave the tables and chairs and boxes and luggage in situ ready for the afternoon level 2’s.

The tea/coffee area is a lovely warm room where everyone congregated to have a warm drink or to just sit and chat whilst waiting for their turn. Also as dogs are allowed in here they too stayed in the warm.

We also did the judges briefing and the presentations in this room which was really cosy.

After lunch we had level 2. Wendy and Susan swapped areas and both got on with judging in an extremely professional manner. It is always lovely when you can just get on with organising the trial and leave the judges to judge. Even better when the sun comes out.

All together a very good trial with lots of fabulous dogs (and handlers) working extremely well.

Time for rosettes and certificates. Always a very pleasing time to be able to thank everyone for their help and to see certificates been awarded.

Thank you to everyone who attended today and hopefully you all had a peaceful evening with happy but tired dogs.

It was also lovely today to welcome some new faces to our level 1 & 2 trial.

Big thanks to my brilliant judges Susan Benson and Wendy Clay who did a fabulous job. Plus thank you to Nicki Hetfield-Rogerson and Justine Steele and Rosemary Steen who did the running. Also huge thanks to Jane Meadows, Chris Baldwin and Justine Steele and Rosemary Steen who all scribed today.

I cannot put these trials on with out helpers so I would like you all to know how appreciated you are.

Thank you Marianne

Susan Ann Benson

What a lovely day. I was happy to be asked to judge levels 1 and 2 by Marianne at her lovely new venue

There were many people I’d met before, which is always lovely, and new people, so a real pleasure.

I was sharing the judging with Wendy, her first time, but you’d never have known it.
I started off with tables and chairs, with some very good teams we soon zipped through. Then onto the vehicle search. Some good results but the wind did catch a few teams out.

Overall some very good teamwork but very worthy winners were Emma and Danny.

Who would have thought we’d be judging 3 Dalmatians in one level.

Level 2. Again some really nice searches. Sonia and Ruby deserved to be the winners.
Even though I was an agony aunt. She came in crying, went out crying and yes guess what, more tears when they won. So lovely, well done.

I have to give a mention to Christine and Soul. He was a dog with worries and he was a star. Her patience with him was brilliant. Yet again tears from Christine, it was all very emotional.

Special thanks to my scribes Di, Rosemary and Justine. Very efficient and lots of fun.

Thank you to Marianne for asking me to judge and for the lovely day.

Well done to you all.

Wendy Rose Clay

Thank you Marianne for asking me to judge and a big thank you to all the competitors for making my first judging experience very pleasant.

The morning started with the exterior search, I decided to put the scent inside the drainpipe as most dogs like to explore those and most found it fairly easily. A couple of handlers lost handling marks for hovering over the choice of three items but on the whole there were some really great partnerships with speedy searches from Christine Williams and Barley and Christie McCrory with Paddy. There were some great indications too from Chris Baldwin and Piglet and Michelle Allen with Pye.

There were a few first time competitors who took on board advice, also a couple of young dogs who coped with the environmental smells brilliantly.

The sun came out as the morning went on and we found it was cooler in the hall when I went inside to judge the boxes and luggage.

As most people tend to say that they struggle on this section I was dreading no one finding the scent but again most dogs found it fairly easily.

After a distracted exterior search Roger handled by Marie Poole found the article really quickly, as did Ali McBain and Birdie.

I have to give a special mention to Harley who managed to find a piece of confetti to chew at the start of his boxes and luggage, it obviously helped him concentrate because he did a through search and a perfect alert, sorry Rosemary (Steene) I just couldn’t stop laughing.

Congratulations to Emma Conlisk and Danny who won. I’ve not seen Danny work before and he was really great,well done Emma.

Level 2

I started the L2 on the vehicle search. I put one scent in the electrics of the tow bar,the other under the number plate of the second car.

My first competitor was Charles Robert with Breeze who completed a perfect speedy search.

Several of the dogs were very interested in the van without any scent on it and a couple of handlers did falsely alert on it, which was a shame.

Jean Payne with Otti did an amazingly quick search and found both articles so quickly that I had to run round to keep up with them!

I absolutely loved Lynda Stangle’s little dog Magic, so busy and clever.

After the vehicle search I went back inside to judge the boxes and luggage. My biggest challenge was to try and remember to take the ‘found’ article out once it had been found, I think I only forgot a couple of times.

Some really great searches again with only a few handlers loosing marks for pulling their dogs away from the article.

Congratulations to the winner Sonia Pidhajeckyj with her lovely Boxer Ruby who was very thorough and found all of the articles in my areas really quickly.

Well done all, you and your dogs were all winners.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Emma Conlisk – Danny20535205452051720554100151
2Michelle Allen – Pye204.753420527205192052799.75107
3Katherine Miell – Heston2057220556204.75172051499.75159
4Alli McBain – Birdie205128204.9572204.751472058099.7427
5Marie Poole – Roger20564204.25161204.75802052399328
6Val Russell – Del204.966200142204.75452052594.65278
7Wesley Evans – Dragon204.94820531204.5682006094.4207
8Chris Baldwin – Piglet2055320566204.7581053779.75237
9Christine Williams – Barley04.7520204.9545205132051779.795
10Laura Burton – Jett204.7546204.759520522056279.5225
11Rosemary Steen – Harley04.52420539204.5542056579182
12Chrissie McCroroy – Paddy204.5702051204.524204.953078.95136
13Cath Seddon – Reaper04252204.2596204179204.9512577.2652
Level 2
1Sonia Pidhajeckyj – Ruby20538205442054220586100210
2Gloria Bonnell – Jade20547205362059520539100217
3Hayley Frosdick – Ruby20561205272059620540100224
4Charles Robert – Breeze204.953620530205542054399.95163
5Helen Pye – Chester2057520531204.951052053499.95245
6Christine Layton – Soul2054320534204.951362055099.95263
7Lynda Stangle – Magic2057820524205135204.953899.95275
8Val Isherwood – Heike2051132055320596204.755299.75314
9Marie Poole – Roger104.757820549205612053389.75221
10John Hearn – Skip104.75275205742056920510089.75518
11Rebbecca Gray – Leo104.57620551205150204.9511189.45388
12Denis Layton – Ruff204.7558104.51242051002057289.25354
13Alan Clancy – Rhum20563105108105682054280281
14Heather Bhasin – Georgie2052820521104.95100104.755079.7199
15Cath Seddon – Dana204.58110444.51043002056077.5485.5

Wellingborough Rugby Club, Cut Throat Lane, Wellingborough NN29 7TZ

9.30AM – 4PM
Entry Fees: £24 per dog, Capped at 15 handlers. Only 1 dog per handler.
Contact: Marianne Tembey Tel: 07949 786255
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