Mon 30 Dec 2019, Burntwood

Level 3: Judges - Harry Latusek & Felicity Wilash
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
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Trial Manager and Judges Reports

My second trial and i awoke to a minor problem, one of the judges had a poorly dog. I put a shout out on the Judges forum and Ellen kindly offered to come. I could have stood down from competing and judged and Gloria said the same but this lovely gesture meant we could both work our dogs. Harry had taken a deep breath and would have judged it by himself if needed, bless him! Lessons that were learned from monday were put in place and the reactive dogs were well taken care of. The Cake went down well and everyone liked having somewhere warm to sit. Thanks to Helen for acting manager and huge congratulations to all who got their qualifiers and Thank you all for coming.

Thank you to Chris Bennett and Helen Hepple For inviting me along to judge this level three at BurnWood. My co judge on the day was the lovely,Ellen Ward Lindley.A big thank you to my scribe on the day, Natalie, you did a great job. The weather was dry, a lovely sunny morning with a brisk breeze,blowing Around the front of the building, where the outside searches took place. I took on the role of judging the vehicle and boxes and luggage searches. A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

The three vehicles were lined up on the tarmac, side by side at the front of the main entrance. I concealed the gun oil sent inside a hub cap cover, On the rear passenger side wheel of the furthest away vehicle from the start cones. The cloves scent I hid inside a wheel nut,on the front passenger side of the vehicle closest to the start line. The centre vehicle being left clean. 10 of the 13 teams correctly finding both, the remaining three Finding one. Some lovely searching by the majority of teams, super fast time by Marie and Bertie in some 20 seconds, followed by Sue and Spring, working off lead in 65 secs,and Jeff and April in 79 secs.

Boxes and Luggage
I laid out some 14 articles, made up of equal amounts of boxes and bags,within the hall ,and placed one large suitcase in the centre of the area. The cloves sent I concealed inside the Velcro strip of a medium sized black bag, placing this to the far right of the search area. The gun oil, I hid inside The leather flap of a small flattish black bag, siting this to the far left. This search proved a little more tricky for the teams, only seven of the 13 finding both. The remaining six finding one.
Some nice methodical searching, off lead by the majority of teams. Marie and Bertie and Barbara and Amos, finding both easily 54 seconds, followed by Gloria and Dylan and 83 seconds. Good searching,and worthy of note,by Sonia and Ruby and Jean and Neah, Jean holding her nerve to correctly find both scents in 129 seconds.
Overall I saw some beautiful teamwork,long may it continue.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners,.1st.Marie and Betty, also achieving their excellence rosette….2nd.Gloria and Dylan.(1st and 2nd place being decided on time,both teams having achieved maximum points).3rd.Jean and Neah,99.7….4th.Michelle and Loki,89.7.

I look forward to meeting up with some, if not all of you, in the not too distant future. I wish you all the best in your future trials

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