Sat 01 Apr 2023, Great Rollright

Levels 6: Judges - Hazell Williamson

Hand House, Great Rollright, Chipping Norton, OX7 5RE

Start: 9.30am
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
BACS acc name Leamington Dog Training Club, sort-code 60-12-35, acc no 00908959
Contact: Sue Gardner
– Tel: 07970 108037

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

First I would like to thank Hazel not only our judge but kind host. Also big thanks to the LDTC team , Lisa, Kathy and Jackie for bringing the tea and coffee.
I hope everyone enjoyed the morning, lovely relaxed trial with a well set level 6. Unfortunately, some found that 9th find difficult, but some lovely work done by everyone.
Congratulations to the three who managed to qualify, Joanne, Jackie and Gill, well done ladies.
Sue G – trial manager

Hazell Williamson

Apologies for omitting to thank my scribe and runner at this trial. Lisa who scribed was faultless and supportive and Kathy kept the flow running beautifully also providing well needed cups of tea.
Trials would never run without such willing helpers

Hazell Williamson

Thank you to Leamington Dog Training Club and Sue Gardener for inviting me to Judge their Leval 6 Trial. This appointment was made more enjoyable because of the fact I was able to host the venue, thus providing a slightly different take on the village hall setting and
the great atmosphere amongst all the competitors.
The three search areas were a fairly cluttered workshop containing 4 hides, an outside courtyard area with 3 hides and my dog training barn with 5 hides.
Out of the 9 competitors we had 3 qualifiers and the other 6 unluckily just missing it by one hide!
The most troublesome area was the workshop where the hides were clove in a cardboard box lid, truffle in the zip seam of a wellington boot,
Gun oil in the seam of a chest of drawers and truffle at the bottom of the leg of a workbench. Three and a half minutes were given.
Only Jo and Cora found all four, Heather and Rudi found three and the rest two.
All dogs were a delight to watch
Excellent performance by Jo and Cora and a well deserved win, lovely sniffing and handling.

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