Sat 01 Apr 2023, Solihull

Level 5: Judge - Harry Latusek

Solihull Lodge Community Centre, Grafton Road, B90 1NJ

Start: 9.15am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
BACS acc name A R Rigby (Business acc), sort-code 20 84 13, acc no 53319075
Contact: Mandy Rigby
– Tel: 07745419030

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thankyou Mandy for inviting me back to Solihull to judge this level 5.Also a big thanks to my Runner,Barbara and my scribe on the day,Charlotte,you both did an excellent job.
It was a rather damp miserable morning with a slight breeze.
We had 12 teams competing.

I chose the rear of the building adjoining the car park,from the kitchen door around the perimeter to the far end of the car park.
I also placed a vehicle within the search area.
5 scents were secreted,1 in a hole low in the brickwork near to kitchen door,(C).Approx 3 metres further along in a corner ,a gun oil scent was hidden in a scent wall,some 70cm from ground level.Number 3,(C) was concealed in a large plastic box type container.
The remaining 2 scents ,C and G were hidden on the vehicle,one on the front grill and the other on the sill between the doors.
6 minutes was allocated.
A mixed bag here with only 2 of the teams correctly identifying all 5 hides.
An excellent display by Lynda and Flo and Jane and Milliy.
8 of the remaining teams finding 4 hides,with all finding one or the other on the vehicle .
Nice systematic searching by Rachael and Esme ,and a nice slow but methodical search by Lynne and Alize.

Interior one
This was set up in the main entrance foyer,and the perimeter wall adjoining the kitchen and bar in the main hall.
I chose to hide 4 scents and 4 minutes was allocated
Number 1,(C)On immediate entry to the foyer halfway up a radiator to the right,adjoining the female toilet door.
N0.2 (C) on the bottom of a table leg,in a corner some 3 metres along the same wall.On entry to the main hall,to the right I placed number 3 ,(G) under a table some 60 cm from the ground.Continuing around the room,I hid number 4,(C) between 2 adjoining tables next to the kitchen door.
6 of the teams finding all 4 hides with reasonable ease.lovely searching by Julie and Jess,Jane and Milly,Joyce and Loki and Fiona and Sage,in some ,133,154,174 and 179 seconds respectively.
Five of the remaining teams finding 3 hides,the problem one for them being the early hide behind the radiator.

Interior Two
I used the opposite end of the large hall,placing some 8 chairs across the room to act as a perimeter,and incorporating the back of them into the search area.Situated to the left was a storeroom,carrying on around the room we had a the front of the stage,with lots of lovely nooks and crannies,and 2 large screens were sited at either end.To the right of the stage we had a large metal cage,an alcove to the patio doors,with long dangling blinds.
3 hides,3 minutes,all cloves.
Number 1 ,an early hide in the storeroom,immediately to the left on entry on the leg of a stack of chairs,4th one up from the ground.
To the left of the stage,number 2 was hidden low under the wheels on one of the screens.
Number 3 was concealed in the skirting to the right of the area,in the alcove leading to the patio doors/excercise area…
9 of the remaining 11 teams,(one having retired),found all hides with ease.One finding 2 .
An excellence display by Judith and Jazz,finding all in 70 seconds,closely followed by Kate and Tali in 75 secs.Hot on their heels,Lynda and Flo and Joyce and Loki in some 88 and 91 secs respectively.
My heart went out to poor little Milly,she was totally zonked out after finding all 9 scents in the first two searches,she had no interest whatsoever in interior 2,but thankfully Jane was aware of her plight and’s took it in her stride,not pushing Milly to search.
Hopefully Jane,those tears of joy from finding all 5 hides in the exterior search have now dried up.

It was a lovely way to spend a few hours watching these teams perform.
I had judged a few a couple of weeks previous,and it was noted by me that they had took took heed of my advice and were tasking their dogs into tight spots and corners,Well done to you all.
All teams that finished achieving a qualifier..Excellent…
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day….1st and 2nd on time 3rd and 4th having 1 wrong alert.
1…Lynda and Flo…2…Sara and Billie…3…Julie and Jess…4…Joyce and Loki…

Hopefully I will meet up with some, if not all of you at sometime in the future,I wish you all the very best in your future trials.

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