Sat 01 Aug 2020, Dauntsey

Level 1: Judge - Marie Poole

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

The weather was very nice. There were 4 dogs new to trials that were competing. the majority of the searches went very well with only 1 competitor having a nightmare when their dog fouled the area. We started with the table and chairs, all the dogs found this really well giving positive clear indications to the handlers. Any marks lost were for allowing the dogs to search long periods of time away from the table and chairs. Boxes and containers was the challenge of the day with the handlers who called it wrong – delaying calling it on the correct bag and then deciding quickly to call it on the wrong item, nothing I haven’t seen before and just a lakeshores of experience. The vehicle search was a large estate car. The teams did this brilliantly with the dogs focusing quickly and great calls from the handlers. The exterior search was also fab to judge with Mustard getting it in lightening quick time and all the dogs being focused and committed the search. A great day and a joy to judge.

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