Sat 01 Feb 2020, Great Rollright

Level 7: Judge - Ali Brannen
WA = Wrong Alerts (4 = elimination)P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
1Janet Wykes & Jess040100202050100278020001800110200130660
2Sarah Taylor & Hugo04010022204000112030001800110100120514
3Helen Byrne & Nellie04010017714000157030001801110100120514
4Michelle Mahoney & Myah04010023204000300120021801100102108712

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report

First off I would like to thank Karen for asking me to judge this level 7, thanks also to Katie who scribed all day for me, and thanks again to Hazell Williamson for letting us use her home as the venue for this trial.

We started with interior 1 which we held in a workshop. 4 hides were put out and they were from left to right, door frame – clove, Lawn mower wheel – truffle, metal frame – clove and a drawer – gun oil. The decoy was hidden in a hose head. 5/10 people found all 4 hides and they were Janet & Jess, Helen & Nellie, Sarah & Hugo, Michelle & Myah and Heather & Timmy. 3/10 found 3 hides and they were Karen & Reggie, Sue & Lily and Karen & Charlie. 2/10 found 2 hides and they were Dolores & Gypsy and Lynn & Chess. The most missed hide was the matchstick in the door way with only 6 teams finding this hide. 4 teams also declared the area clear and earned the 10 bonus points and they were Janet & Jess, Helen & Nellie, Sarah & Hugo and Michelle & Myah.

Next was the exterior search which was held in a car port. 3 hides were placed which were all truffle, from left to right they were Hose adaptor on a reel, bottom of a drain pipe and the front wall of the car port. The decoy was hidden between 2 bags of sand. 2/10 teams found all 3 and they were Helen & Nellie and Sarah & Hugo, 3/10 teams found 2 hides and they were Michelle & Myah, Janet & Jess and Sue & Lily, 3/10 found 1 hide and they were Karen & Reggie, Karen & Charlie, and Dolores & Gypsy, 2/10 teams found 0 hides in this search. The most missed hides were the hose reel and the front edge of the building.

Lastly it was the last interior search, this was held in the dog barn. 5 hides were placed and from left to right they were arm of a chair – cloves, Plastic cable trim in a toilet – clove, 2nd draw on some kitchen cabinets – truffle, plug socket – gun oil and a metal bracket – gun oil. The decoy was placed in the end of a feather duster. 1/10 teams found all 5 and that was Janet & Jess who also declared the area clear so gained an extra 10 bonus points, well done Janet. 5/10 found 4 hides and they were Sue & Lily, Karen & Reggie, Michelle & Myah, Sarah & Hugo and Helen & Nellie. 2/10 found 3 hides and they were Heather & Timmy and Dolores & Gypsy. 1/10 found 2 hides and that was Karen & Charlie and 1 team found no hides in this area. The most missed hide was the kitchen cabinet with only 2 teams finding this and they were Sue & Lily and Janet & Jess.

So on to the qualifiers, congratulations to Janet & Jess – 1st Place, Sarah & Hugo – 2nd Place, Helen & Nellie – 3rd Place and Michelle & Myah – 4th Place. The standard of searching from these teams was extremely high and to have the confidence to declare an area clear really takes some guts, I was genuinely impressed by you all.

Well done to the rest of the teams for taking part, some of your dogs didn’t make things easy for you, but you kept working away and showed some lovely handling in doing so. I hope to see you all in the future.

A white dog was run blind on each search area and all hides were as per Scentwork UK Guidelines.

Trial Manager’s report

It was a cold and windy day for this Level 7 trial but that didn’t seem to matter as we were in the beautiful grounds of Hazell’s house which she had so kindly lent us for the occasion. A massive thanks for your kindness Hazell.

Ali Brannen was my judge for the trial and, as usual, she set fair but challenging search areas. Interior 1 was a workshop full of garden equipment including tractors, lawn mowers and all the usual paraphernalia associated with looking after a magnificent garden. There were 4 hides here.

The Exterior search was in a large barn/car parking area where there were more tractors, hay bales and other outdoor equipment. there were 3 hides here.

Interior 2 was in the dog house which is an indoor dog training barn where there were 5 scents hidden.

Of the 10 competitors we had 4 who qualified. They all did amazingly well and their scores were very close. Huge congratulations to Janet & Jess who came 1st, Sarah & Hugo 2nd, Helen & Nellie 3rd and Michelle & Myah who were 4th. They certainly set a very high standard and were a pleasure to watch. Well done ladies.

Many thanks to Ali for judging for us and also to Katie for scribing.

I hope everyone enjoyed the day despite the cold wind and I look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Karen Denton

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