Sat 01 Jul 2023, Cucklington, near Wincanton BA9 9PY

Levels L8: Judges - Justine Steele

Cucklington Village Hall, near Wincanton BA9 9PY

Start: 9.30am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Zoe Heritage
– Tel: 07596 000866 / 01747 851503

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Trial report

Thanks to the amazing team of Zoe, Pippa & Faye for hosting & assisting with the L8 Trial at Cucklington.
Lovely to see over half of you qualify (and in some style I might say!). Those that did not quite make it this time were unfortunate and there were some lovely moments from all, a pleasure for me to meet your dogs and watch them go about their business.

Interior 1 – unknown hides known time
Main hall, including No Go Zone (NGZ)
Time – 4 minutes/3x hides.

1. TRUFFLE Under the wooden hand rail opposite side to stairs
2. CLOVE In hinge on 3rd wooden door of ‘under stage’ cupboards.
3. TRUFFLE Under front centre of 4th chair.
* DECOY In radiator temperature control housing. Nearest radiator to but not in NGZ

Exterior – unknown hides, unknown time
Side path, split by stone wall & building perimeter continuing on round to include patio area with a selection of picnic benches, rearranged to provide some trickery!
Time – 4 & 1/2 minutes/5x hides.

1. CLOVE Small hole near floor at bottom of door building side.
2. GUN OIL Under on 2nd small alcove ledge in wall.
3. CLOVE On floor in patio area in front of benches.
4. GUN OIL In the front of 3rd wooden bench.
5. TRUFFLE In door hinge to main hall
* DECOY In air vent between building corner & hide 5

Interior 2 – unknown hides known time
entrance foyer, including cubbyhole, opened and closed doors, couple of tables and a “busy” storage room
Time – 4 minutes/4x hides.

1. CLOVE Right hand side of wooden trellis in cubbyhole.
2. GUN OIL In joint of table tennis table in store room
3. TRUFFLE In door seal of store room. Accessible either side.
4. GUN OIL On door wedge on floor of right hand open door to main hall. Accessible either side of open door.
* DECOY Under dado rail opposite start point.

The carriers for the scent today included:
Cloth/string/paper straw/filter tip/cotton bud/Velcro
Thanks again to everyone, hope you enjoyed the NEW L8, maybe it’s fast becoming the norm!
Good luck with your future sniffs…


Thank you Justine, for taking the time and trouble for coming to judge the ‘new’ L8 for us today. ‘Fun and fair’ were the challenges for finding the scents and everyone experienced equal measure of success or difficulty across the three search areas. The inclusion of the new ‘no go’ zone meant a welcome addition of skills and variation to Interior 1. Special thanks to scribe Faye for her expertise with the stopwatch and score-recording, along with her trusty white dog Pippie. Well done to all the competitors for attempting this high level and special congratulations to our winner Kate and Rafiki. It was a fun day, thank you all for making it special.

Zoe – TM

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