Sat 02 Jul 2022, Hinton Blewett

Level 2: Judge - Zoe Heritage

Hinton Blewett village hall, Litton Lane, Hinton Blewett, Bristol, BS39 5AY

Start: 9am
Entry Fees: £25.00 per dog.
Contact: Pippa Bentham
– Tel: 07791740660

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

What a morning who would have thought it is the 2nd of July, rain on the mendips is proper rain, very wet and usually with an accompanying wind. But well done everyone and thank you for being such a cheerful and helpful bunch, congratulations to everyone for qualifying, I haven’t done much scribing before and now really appreciate what an asset a good scribe is. Many thanks to Rob for stepping in and being runner as well as competing and also Thelma for being the best tea lady in between working her lovely cheeky little Tilly, she’s a star. Thank you to our lovely judge Zoe you set sensible tests appropriate to the level .
Pippa Bentham
Trials manager

Despite the conditions, what a wonderful cheerful bunch of competitors attended the L2 at Hinton Blewett. I am so delighted you all passed, even though some dogs found working in a downpour particularly difficult when searching the wall. Regardless, handlers persevered and gently persuaded every dog to find at least one article outside – well done indeed. Congratulations to Sue Derben and the lovely Dougal for achieving a perfect score. My thanks to Pippa Bentham for her excellent organisational skills, combining the tasks of Trials Manager and Scribe, all with her usual brand of calm smiling efficiency.

Zoe Heritage

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