Sat 03 Jul 2021, Devoran

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Denise Pile & Sara Seymour

Unit B2, North Grange Industrial Estate, Devoran. TR3 6RF

Start: (L3)9.30am (L1) 1pm
Entry Fees: £23 per dog.
Contact: Hannah Crook
– Tel: 07842820382

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Trial manager

Thank you so much to Denise for setting a nice level 3 trial.
I got to watch a couple of the searches and they standard was brilliant. Great to see everyone back and the weather was very kind to us!
Running two searches back to back really helps with the change over time, although I was running a bit behind after some vehicle issues!

Sara stepped in to judge the L1, it was great to have someone from across the border to come down and judge for us.
A really lovely level one trial, we had a couple of people who were total newbies to Scent work UK, and it was lovely to see them qualify after a bit of a shaky start.
It was a bit emotional for some, as there were a couple of dogs who were taken from us far too soon and had thoroughly enjoyed playing scent work with their handlers. It was nice to see the new guys enjoying it just as much and managing to step up to a pretty high mark.

Thank you to everyone for the support 🙂

What a lovely trial, it was so good to be back again after so long . All the dogs did really well. Every dog qualified I think maybe the break did them good but they all seem to be happy doing what comes naturally. Pip that was brilliant! Well done. Josie you must be really in tune with Chase to be able to read his indications well done to you too. Sara Your Ripley is a really busy worker, how do you keep up? Well done to all of you and welcome back to competing . Thank you Hannah for letting me judge.

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