Sat 04 Mar 2023, Moreleigh

Levels 2 & 5: Judges - L2 Tina Cameron, L5 Debra Cassidy

Halwell & Moreleigh Village Hall, Moreleigh Cross, Moreleigh, Totnes, Devon. TQ9 7JH

Start: L5 – 9:30am, L2 – 2:30pm
Entry Fees: £27 per dog.
Contact: Georgina Davies

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report Level 2 ( inside searches)
Thank you Georgina for inviting me to be part of the judging team for the level 2 at Moreleigh, thank you Heather for being my scribe. I was the lucky judge being inside as positively freezing outside yet all teams came in with good will and teams worked well. It was fantastic for me as a judge to see some new teams working, handling over all was super with some lovely calm teams working quietly and efficiently.
All teams correctly found the hides on table and chairs/perimeter areas. There were some super indications with duration. Containers and bags were a little more problematic with the dogs really enjoying the boxes with extra enthusiasm with one dog trying to wear boxes as shoes, sorry Heidi could not help but laugh. For those that gain a place and qualified well done and for all of you, its a journey not a trip, take time and don’t give up its worth it in the end and is the basis for a great relationship with your dog. You all took the best dog home.

Judges Report Level 5

Thank you to Georgina for inviting me to judge, to Tina for trial managing and to my scribe Sally.
Back at Moreleigh and for once it wasn’t raining but there was an arctic chill and a biting wind. I tried to ensure teams keep warm but you are such a supportive group you were happy to stand and chat in the cold.

Search 1 interior (5 hides – 4mins 30s)was the large interior of the hall. As teams entered the double doors from the foyer area there was a semi circle area coned off where they could reward their dogs, there was also a large mat in the middle of the hall to reward as I was conscious of a slippery floor and did not want teams racing back to reward dogs to injured their dogs or themselves. This worked well with teams using both areas ro reward.

Prior to the setting of scents the area was white dogged and again after to set the time.

As teams faced the rear of the hall to their left was a large wall mounted metal ladder and a gun oil soak was hidden underneath the second run up. This was a nice easy find with most teams finding this first. As you continued around the hall in a clockwise direction, towards the end of the wall were double fire doors with a door mat on the floor. The hide (clove) was on the rear edge corner, dogs had to work back to this hide as the odour was pooling along the door. Teams were now in the corner of the hall where there was a closed door to a store cupboard 150 cms from the hide on the mat. The hide (clove)was above the lower hinge of the door (76cms), in most cases teams had to task their dog to search a little higher.

The rear wall, the stage area where there were 3 double doored cupboards. The stage was not included although some dogs did go up the 2 steps to the stage. The hide (gun oil) was on the middle doors, the top corner of the door further from the steps. The final hide was right in the corn of this was in a hole by a trunking run. The 10/12 teams found this.

The other long wall was deliberately left blank with the intention that teams would recognise that their dog was not picking up odour other than towards the hide in the corner and more on, but many searched the fire doors and the door to the kitchen.
All hides were found with the most difficult area being in the far left corner as you looked at the stage with teams taking a shortcut in his area. 3 teams gained bonus points for finding all 5 hides.

The outside search (3 hides – 4mins) took place at the rear side of the hall, a small vehicle was parked on the gravel adjacent to the wall on one side and a grass wooden fenced area on the other side.

The wind was quite swirly and the area was white dogged by 2 different dogs to set the time.
The hide (gun oil) on the wall was at the bottom of a drain cover right up against the wall. The hide on the vehicle was under the letter ‘W’ on the rear number plate, this proved difficult with dogs really tracking back to source the hide. The final hide was on the corner wooden fence post near to the start position. Most teams left this grassed area until last to search, worried about the grass. There were 2 ‘wee’ accidents but both on the gravel. 9/12 teams gained bonus marks here.

The final area was the foyer area inside the hall (4 hides – 3 mins). This was a small area but doors were left open to the gents toilet and the disabled toilet. The kitchen door was left closed (no dogs allowed in the kitchen).

There was a table by the wall between entry to the area and the kitchen and a small alcove area by the disabled toilet.

Teams were allowed to reward on the doormat inside the main doors. The first hide (clove) was on the front far edge of the table, most dogs found this. The second hide (clove) as the top of the metal leg of the screened area of the urinals in the gents toilets. The third hide (clove) on the hinge side at the bottom of the door of the disabled toilet and the final hide (gun oil) in the middle of a metal ‘V’ attaching a broom head to handle. This was a confined area and dogs worked well to find this which was 140cms from the hide on the door.

Overall it was super to watch teams working and I tried to set appropriate hides for this level; certainly including a vehicle that surprised some teams.

Well done to those who were placed, 1st Lisa and Jago, 2nd Sara and Ripley, 3rd Becky and Pike and 4th Chrissie and Oggie who also gained their excellence.

I trust the you all learnt something over the trial, did not get too cold and of course took the best home.

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