Sat 05 Jun 2021, Combeinteignhead

Levels 5: Judge - Hannah Crook

Combeinteignhead Village Hall, Shaldon Road, Newton Abbot TQ12 4RG

Start: L5 10.00, 12.00, 14.30
Entry Fees: £27 per dog.
Contact: Sara Seymour

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you to Sara for asking me to Judge and to Tina for corralling everyone!
It was a shame just to have 6 entries, but glad we were able to have a high level trial down this way. The entrants were organised in groups of three.

The search areas were divided into a 4/4/4 split, with two of each scent in each area. The area was searched blind by a white dog to check the finds and work out the time limits. 4 mins was allocated in each area.

Interior 1
This was a large village hall area and small annex room at the back. I arranged 8 chairs in a circle in the centre of the room, as well as having a few stacks of chairs around the outside.
The finds were placed on chairs for the most part, but on different parts. The first at the beginning of the area was on the foot of a chair, stacked on another (about 6in off the floor). This find was missed by all the dogs bar the white dog. It was a tricky find and the dogs had to be sent back along the wall to catch the odour, they then had to work down, which many did not quite manage.
The second find was in the doorway of the Annex room, this find was caught by 3/6 of the teams who worked the doorway beautifully. The other dogs caught the odour but were not sure how to track it to the frame.
The third find, also on the perimeter was on another stack of chairs, but underneath the chair this time, the final find was in the centre chair on the leg, very open find and caught by all.

This was a slope up into a small paved garden area.
The first find was placed on the ledge as the teams entered the area about 8ft in. One team, Serena and Lyric caught and indicated instantly, a couple of others, Gylly and Elsa worked into it beautifully from the wrong side lovely to watch them figure it out and how to indicate, all the dogs working were on odour while in the garden area, but again unsure how to work back to it, and a couple of handlers forgot to come back and check the area. the second find was on a big tub, every team worked this well. Third was a flag pole hole in the concreate, very open find and got by 5/6, one sadly forgot to check! The fourth was in the corner of a metal planter on the edge of the defined search area.
I think Echo really stood out here, leaving it till his 30 second warning and then finding three in about 20 seconds!

Interior 2.
This was two corridor type areas, two finds in each area. The first find on a cupboard was caught by all the dogs and all sourced and indicated well.
The second on a door frame at the end of the corridor, Serena and Lyric were the only team to find this (bar the white dog) it was a gun oil find and in the corner of the door. All dogs caught the odour but could not quite work out how to source.
The third find was in a row of stacked chairs, all teams caught this find and the final find was on a door stop, again a nice open find caught by 5/6 of the teams.

Although only one Qualified , it was so very close and there was some brilliant handling and team work. All the dogs were lovely to watch with clear indications and confidence. One find had to be replaced from an over enthusiastic paw swipe, but otherwise all the finds and the areas remained in tact. It was a pleasure to watch you all working.

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