Sat 05 Sep 2020, Aldingbourne

Levels 1 and 2: Judges - Helen Byrne and Richard Purnell

The Dog Barn, Park Farm, Hook lane, Aldingbourne, PO20 3TL

Start: 9am for level 1 12.30pm for level 2
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Anna Coyne

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Richard Purnell

Thank you Anna for inviting me to judge your Level 1&2 trial.Shared judging with Helen who was a pleasure to judge with. Also thanks to Sarah for scribing for me all day. It was amazing to have 100% pass rate in both levels.
Level 1
First up for me was boxes and luggage.13 out of the 14 teams found the scent, which was on a backpack. Although a quick time not essential several teams were extremely quick,including Millie and Riot who found the scent in an impressive 6 seconds.
Next was the external search. Again all but one team finding the scent.12 teams taking advantage of the judges choice of 3 items. Overall thought the standard was impressive for this level and hope everyone will carry on and enjoy their ScentworkUK adventure.
Congratulations to Susie and Tanner for their 1st place.

Level 2
I started with table chairs and perimeter. All teams were successful finding both scents.There was a lot of nerves but everyone handled their dogs extremely well.
Next it was vehicle/wall search.For this search the scent was in a challenging sleeper wall.7out of 8 teams finding both scents. Rachel and Larsson being very unlucky as Rachel called 2 seconds before Larsson went to source.Some of the teams hadn’t searched a wall before and tasked their dogs really well.
Congratulations to Gill and Layla for their 1st place.

Level 1
This was my first Scentwork UK judging appointment and I was delighted to be invited by Anna to this venue as it is where Nellie and I started our scentwork journey. I arrived there nice and early and was surprised so many level 1’s were keenly parking up ready and for some their first trial too.
I shared the judging with Richard, which made the day sail by, being able to run things by him was great, thanks Rich.
Two white dogs shared the job, my Nellie (L7) and Jinx (L4).
So to the searches. We split the searches, Richard judging the Boxes & Luggage and Exterior searches and I the Vehicle and Tables & Chairs.
Not only was Anna trial managing but she also was my scribe, so I knew I was in her capable hands and all I need do was concentrate on the job in hand. Thanks Anna.
Vehicle search: There were a lot of nervous handlers and for many this was their first trial. Two notable teams in this search, but for very different reasons were Michelle & Freddie who completed the search in a super speedy 13 seconds and Lindsay & Maya who stayed totally focused whilst two wasps followed them around the car. Maya paid no attention to them whatsoever! Well done Lindsay for holding it together, not sure I would have!
The standard was very high with all 13 teams finding the scent which was placed under the front number plate. Well done all.
Tables & Chairs was next up. It’s not all about speed but there were some really super speedy times, Susie and Tanner, 8 seconds with a great indication and Millie and Riot an incredible 6 seconds! Both teams gaining themselves perfect scores of 5/5 for handling. Well done to everyone as all teams found the hide.
I’d also like to mention Tracey and Lola. When Tracey finished the search, she was so delighted as she knew she had qualified. Previously (hope she won’t mind me saying) she hadn’t qualified and hadn’t even told anyone she had entered this trial! Perseverance and love of the game paid off. This team went on to achieve 4th place, congratulations Tracey.
So my first trial under my belt and I would like to thank all the competitors, Anna, Rich, and Sarah for making it such an enjoyable and memorable occasion.
Super well done to all the teams and congratulations to you all for qualifying. I do hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I very much look forward to watching your scentwork progression in the future.

Level 2
Level 2 had 8 competitors. Richard judged the Vehicle/wall and Tables & Chairs and I judged the Exterior and Boxes & Luggage.
There were lots of nervous competitors in this level having had some time away from scentwork and this being their first trial after lockdown.
My scribe in L2 was Emma, who had competed earlier in the L1 and had stayed on to scribe. I believe this was a first for her and she did a perfect job of it. Thank you Emma.
First up was the Exterior. The hides were in the child’s step and the jet washer wheel. As I said before, it’s not all about the speed but we had some super speedy teams in this search too, Liz and Paddy with 24 seconds and just pipping them with 21 seconds was Rachel and Larsson, well done teams. Fabulous work by all, as every team found both hides, despite the wind picking up and the farmyard noises.
Inside to the boxes and luggage. There was some lovely searching. A special mention to Alison and Finn. His search was beautiful, certainly not the fastest, but Alison let him work independently off line, he was steady, methodical and two of the best indications of the day. A super search, excellent work.
Also a mention to Gill and Layla. Like Tracey in the L1, they hadn’t qualified in a previous L2. Not so in this trial, this super little dog went on to pick up the red rosette and trophy! Congratulations team Layla.
I loved this groups enthusiasm, they definitely have the scentwork bug and this paid off in spades as they all qualified.
Thanks to all the competitors, Anna, Richard, Sarah and Emma and thank you to all of you for a really great, friendly trial and I wish you all continued success in your scentwork journeys and look forward to seeing you again.

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