Sat 08 Jan 2022, Moreleigh

Levels 2 & 4: Judges - Denise Pile & Jackie Lawer

Halwell & Moreleigh Village hall, Moreleigh cross, Moreleigh, Totnes, TQ9 7JQ

Start: 9:30 & 1:30pm, Guesstimate
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Georgina Davies

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 2 Judge’s Report
What a day! At times we had torrential rain and strong gusts of wind! These were certainly difficult conditions for the teams to work in, so many congratulations to everyone.
Well done to Georgina and Spec – the only team to find all the hides and to achieve a perfect score on top of that!
We started with the indoor searches to try and avoid the worst of the rain. I had placed one item in the top of a sturdy box and the other in the open zip of a bag. A couple of dogs were a little over-enthusiastic in their searching and two handlers called a find on a second box. All teams were successful in the table, chairs and perimeter search. All the dogs found the perimeter hide in the top of a wooden box, most took a little longer to pinpoint the hide on the chair.
We then ventured outdoors and did the exterior search. I hid one item in a plastic container and the other in a foot pump. This proved to be a tricky search for several of the teams, not helped by the difficult weather conditions. However, everyone did brilliantly well on the wall search. All the handlers were patient and worked well with their dogs to find the hides – one in a low crack in the wall and one behind a drainpipe.
Despite the inclement weather, I enjoyed my afternoon and my thanks to Georgina for asking me to judge, Tina for Trial Managing and Serena for giving up her afternoon to scribe for me.

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