Sat 10 Dec 2022, Wichenford

Level 1: Judge - Pauline Whittaker

Wichenford Memorial Hall, Venn Lane, Wichenford, Worcestershire WR6 6YF,

Start: 9am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Bridget Francis

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges report:
Thank you to all who turned up to the Level 1 on Saturday 10th December, it was bitterly cold and with only a weak sun, didn’t really warm up all day. Thanks in particular to my hardy scribe Nikki James and runner Irene Crow who stayed cheerful all morning and Trial Manager bridget who kept everything running with her normal efficiency. Ladies these events wouldn’t run without you.
We started with a wall search with the odour on the first door. 6 of the 10 teams found the odour. I particularly liked watching Robyn and Winnie a beautiful little Jack Russell and Emma and Pippin who delightfully squeaks as part of her indication.
The teams were more successful on the table and chairs, with 9 out of the 10 teams finding the correct chair easily with some fast times from Ann and Del, Sheila and Floss and Katie and Maggie.
In the exterior search, the odour was on a piece of stairgate, and was easy to find if the dogs were tasked correctly, my other two items were a paint roller and a protective gilet for horse riding. Colette and Clemmy worked very well in this search as did Emma and Pippin and a fast Winnie on 11 seconds.
Bags and boxes is often everyone least favourite, and we had 6 successful finds on a camera bag. Overall I saw some great searching on the day and look forward to seeing you all progress through the levels.

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