Sat 10th Aug 2019, Longbridge Deverill

Levels 1 & 2: Judge - Shelley Stubbington
Level 1

1st Michelle Horton & Frankie
2nd Mary Prentice & Robbie
3rd Sarah Hudd & Kaos
4th Jane Prichard & Prim

Clean Sweeps
Will Reynolds & Cooper
Sandy Wiltshire & Flynn
Denis Atfield & Arnie
Pat Poynter & Metz
Marney Wells & Kipper
Mary Hudd & Duo
Jinx Wherrier & Karen
Ruth Patton & Tulip
Tony Hollis & Io

Also qualifying
Jo Dyer & Neo
Hilary Jane Ritchie & Porter
Jill Norris & Lady
Faye Sparkes & Rosie
Ann Whitaker & Luna
Liz Hollis & Taff

Level 2

1st Adele Cole & Keisha
2nd Bev Hoddinott & Delilah
3rd Sally Wynes & Asher
4th Kate Rapley & Rafiki

Clean Sweeps
Karen Goddard-Wilson & Jinx
Sharon Lee & Casey

Andy Joyce & Alice
Tracy Hussey & Juniper
Hilary Ritchie & Ruby

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Michelle Horton – Frankie2051320530205182051310074
2Mary Prentice – Robbie2054720515205232051310098
3Sarah Hudd – Kaos2052120514204.95182051299.9565
4Jane Prichard – Prim2051220521204.9521204.951499.968
5William Reynolds – Cooper2051520512204.75222051299.7561
6Sandy Wiltshire – Flynn20522204.7546205402052199.75129
7Denise Atfield – Arnie204.91220519204.7516204.852899.575
8Pat Poynter – Metz204.854620528204.5252053299.35131
9Marney Wells – Kipper204.588204.7531204.95452052599.2189
10Mary Hudd – Duo20517204.512620523204.54799213
11Karen Goddard-Wilson – Elka204.7586204.7554204.2545204.856598.6250
12Ruth Patton – Tulip204.7536204.587204.2530204.852598.35178
13Tony Hollis – Io204.577204.7558204.2536204.756798.25238
14Jo Thiselton-Dyer – Neo0446204.972058205778.968
15Hilary Ritchie – Porter20517205903.75180205878.75214
16Jill Norris – Lady20410420518204.2515043777.25174
17Faye Sparks – Rosie04.5100204.5127203.7585204.515977.25471
18Ann Whittaker – Luna204.56503180204.8522204.2513576.6402
19Liz Hollis – Taff03180204.25102204.2556204.259075.75428
1Adele Cole – Keisha20533204.932205902052299.9177
2Bev Hoddinott – Delilah20556204.951205662052899.9201
3Sally Wynes – Asher20524204.932204.75812053699.65173
4Kate Rapley – Rafiki20548204.94520524204.756699.65183
5Karen Goddard-Wilson – Jinx20593204.967204.751362054499.65340
6Sharon Lee – Casey20546204.756120564204.754799.5218
7Andy Joyce – Alice104.751920544204.751072051389.5183
8Tracy Hussey – Juniper20538204.7576104.5402046288.25216
9Hilary Ritchie – Ruby2053420512104.554104.756179.25161

Thank you to Rick and Kate at Scentwork Wessex for inviting me to judge these trials at their lovely Scent Barn. The weather could have been better, with extremely strong winds creating challenging conditions, but everyone coped really well, and the competitors all seemed in good spirits.

We started in the morning with the Level One trial, which Kate and I judged between us. I started indoors with the Tables & Chairs whilst Kate started outdoors with the Vehicle search. I tried all day to set up relatively straight forward hides as I felt the weather was probably creating enough of a challenge in itself, and even in the Barn we weren’t free of the effects of the strong winds, with a bit of a draft creating some scent movement inside. 16 of the 19 competitors found the correct chair, with stand out performances earning full marks for Sandy & Flynn, Hilary & Porter, Jane & Prim, Mary & Duo, Mary & Robbie, Michelle & Frankie, Sarah & Kaos, and Will & Cooper.

Kate and I then swapped over so she came in to do the Containers & Luggage search whilst I went out to brave the winds for the Exterior Items. The dogs all coped brilliantly with this search, with 18 of the 19 finding the correct item. Stand out performances in this search earning full marks from Denise & Arnie, Hilary & Porter, Jane & Prim, Jill & Lady, Mary & Robbie, Michelle & Frankie, Pat & Metz, Sarah & Kaos, and Will & Cooper.

It was very tight at the top, with both Michelle & Frankie and Mary & Robbie on a well-earned 100 points, just split by time. Scentwork Wessex had produced a lovely Judge’s Special prize and certificate, and I awarded this to Liz & Taff; Taff was not having the best day, but with Liz’s gentle, patient handling she encouraged him along and achieved a hard-won pass, so well done Liz. And congratulations to all competitors for passing in difficult conditions!

The afternoon saw the Level Two competitors arrive, and we started this trial with the Vehicle search as it looked as if the weather had improved slightly; unfortunately, we were wrong, and several teams got caught in a shower! The wind seemed to aid the dogs in this search, and the hides had been placed carefully to maximise this, with 7 out of the 9 teams finding both hides, and everyone finding at least one. Next we did the Containers & Luggage, and again almost everyone was successful in finding both hides. The Exterior Items proved straightforward, with all teams finding both items, and several dogs air scenting from the line. Last was the Tables & Chairs and Perimeter, and again the dogs performed well here. Each team produced some stunning searches, and the standard was excellent. The results were tied at the top, with Adele & Keisha tied with Bev & Delilah on 99.9, Keisha winning on time. Both dogs put in brilliant performances that were a pleasure to watch. My Judge’s Special went to Bev & Delilah, a French Bulldog, who both worked brilliantly together, with some real thorough searching from Delilah coupled with trust and understanding from Bev; mesmerizing to watch.

Thank you to Kate & Rick for organising such a great trial, to the helpers who kept it running smoothly, and to my sister for coming to scribe for the day. Also a big thanks to the competitors for taking part is such good spirits despite the weather!

The Scent Barn, Lords Hill, Longbridge Deverill, Nr Warminster, Wiltshire. BA12 7DF

Start 10:00 am
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Entries capped at 20 across both levels
Contact: Rick Burgess – 07813 324488
Online bookings only. Go to to book a place. Fully booked.