Sat 12 Sep 2020, Dauntsey

Level 7: Judge - Nigel Wilkes

The Little Barn, Dauntsey, SN15 4HW

Start: 10.00
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Marie Poole

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

It was great to have the opportunity to Trial Manage/Scribe at this trial. I learnt a lot from Nigel and how he thought out his tests which were challenging but doable in this super venue, making use of the newly acquired areas which none of the dogs had ever seen before.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch all of the lovely teams working and must congratulate the qualifiers; Marie and Roger – well done on winning but those two wrong alerts made it a bit tense! Helen and Nellie who were only just behind the winners and the wonderful Stanley and Lindsay who came third.

Also, I would like to add a big well done to Nellie and Roger who proved that they are working at a consistently high level with their outstanding successes at the Detection Dog Trial a couple of days later.

It was a lovely morning as I made my way to Dauntsey to judge for the very first trial of mine at this venue. It was also the first trial I have judged since Covid-19 interrupted our life. I arrived at 9.20 and was greeted by Marie who introduced me to my Scribe for the day Marnie. As Marie was running her own dog she left us to discuss what areas we would use as well as the amount of hides per area. By 10am and 12.30 for the second group all the entrants had arrived and were waiting.
I together with my scribe showed all three areas to the teams and left them to walk them. The White dog searched all three areas and found the hides which no wrong alerts.
We started on on time with the interior search being our first. There were 3 hides one of each scent. The hides were one on a table front leg, another on the same table back leg and the third in a hole in the wall by a cabinet. You could tell that some where more nervous than others when it came to the start. All dogs found the table front leg and the wall, but none checked the back of the table for the other hide. Helen and Nellie worked as a team and it was great to see this, together with Marie and Roger, they were the teams of the day for me. Stanley and Lindsey wasted quite a bit of time searching the floor, but when Stanley worked he was spot on with his indication Pippa and Becky again worked well together and were unlucky not to find all 3 but Becky was more interested with me than looking for the scent which was right next to me.
The second hide was the exterior with 6 hides, 2 of each scent. Theses were on the hose pipe, Coat stand, brick by wall, flower box on entry, Cabinet and chair. again most dogs had no problems with finding the hidden scent, but again had problems with the foot of the coat stand and a couple missed the hose pipe. The final search was Interior 2 and here there were 3 hides which were on the cabinet, speaker and desk. Again most dogs did a brilliant search and I was to l watched Naomi and Buddy (Assistance dog for her son) worked this area well, Buddy does this as his time out from looking after Naomi’s son.
The search ended at 2.30 and out of 6 we had 3 qualifiers. Marnie and I checked the results with 1st Being Marie and Roger, 2nd Helen and Nellie and 3rd being Lindsay and Stanley. Well done to everybody who entered as I found it to be a very good trial to judge with excellent teams.
I would like to thank Marie for asking me to judge, Marnie for time keeping and scribing also for keeping me sane throughout the day

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