Sat 13th Jul 2019, Great Rollright

Levels 1 & 5: Judges - Ali Brannen & Sue Benson
Level 1

1 Fiona Vaughan – Dot – 99.9
2 Michelle Rodgers – Loki – 99.75
3 Jackie Hodges – Kona – 80
4 Liz Burton – Artii – 79.95
5 Ellen Lindley – Meg – 79.9
6 Lisa Finney – Brew – 79.3
7 Pat Wills – Lulu – 79.25

Level 5

1 Jill Harper – Herbie – 130
2 Jackie Hodge – Lima – 119.9
3 Alison Deakin – Izzie – 110
4 Kathy Killick – Rowan – 110
5 Tracy Alker – Billy – 110
6 Denise Pile – Butty – 109.95
7 Alison Williamson – Peppa – 109.95
8 Lisa Finney – Tomba – 109.9
9 Chris Clements – QueevaDiva – 100
10 Hazell Williamson – Teddy – 99.95
11 Felicity Wilash – Danny Darko – 90

Once again we had the pleasure of holding this Level 1 and Level 5 Trial at Hazell’s lovely Great Rollright home which was extremely kind of her. The weather was perfect being mild with just a slight breeze.

I was very grateful to Ali Brannen and Sue Benson for giving up their Saturday to judge for me. They judged the Level 1 competitors together and Ali scribed the L5 while Sue judged.

The Level 1 people were very speedy in their searches for the most part and we had completed the Trial by noon. Seven of the eleven dog/handler teams qualified with Fiona & Dot taking the red rosette. Well done to them.

The Level 5 folk got underway with their Trial at 1pm but most took their full time and it was quite a long afternoon. However, no one seemed to mind when the calculated scores showed that nearly everyone had been successful in qualifying. Many congratulations go to Jil & Herbie who took 1st place and an Excellent title. Kathy & Rowan also achieved their Excellent title and came in in 4th Place. Congratulations also to Jackie & Lima who were 2nd and Alison & Izzie who came 3rd.

I’d like to thank Hazell and Glenis for scribing in the morning and Gabrielle and Nikki who were brilliant runners for the day making sure that everyone got to where they should be and keeping the flow running smoothly.

I hope everyone enjoyed their trial and I look forward to hosting more trials to give dog/handler teams opportunities for further progression.

Karen Denton

Sue Benson

I was very pleased to be asked by Karen Denton to judge Level 1 with Ali and Level 5. It was a lovely day, not too warm and a beautiful setting.

Level 1

We started off on time and all went very smoothly. I started with tables and chairs and Ali did exterior.

There were some very good teams and the tables and chairs were not too much of a challenge.
I then moved outside to judge the vehicle search. I was on a slight slope and fairly blowy. Some dogs found the wind a bit distracting,

Fiona and Dot were the winners but I have to say everyone tried very hard and I really look forward to seeing them going up through the levels.

Level 5

I started with an interior search, including the bathroom. Some dogs were very interested in one of the cupboards where there was no scent. The dogs seemed to be enjoying searching different places and most were very enthusiastic.

Next it was the exterior. We went down to the summer house and it was very pleasant to sit in the sun and judge. This was a harder search, 5 searches here with so many places to look. Very interesting to see how the teams work differently outside.

The final search was another interior search. Fours scents here over quite a large Area. Again was very pleased to see the nice handling and teamwork especially as I am sure they were all getting a bit weary.

A very well deserved team won, Jil and Herbie. I have watched this team come up through the levels and was so pleased at the searching and handling from them. Well done.

A huge thank you to my scribe Glynnis in the morning ad to Ali in the afternoon. To Nicky and Gabrielle for being such expert runners and making sure people were where they were supposed to be and not keeping judges waiting.

A lovely trial, expertly organised by Karen Denton.

Ali Brannen

First off I would like to thank Karen Denton for asking me to co judge this trial along with Sue Benson. Also thanks to my scribe Hazell Williamson.

I was tasked with the Exterior Search and Boxes & Luggage. We started with the Exterior Search first. The scent was hidden on a black case and the competitors were given the choice of which 3 items it could possibly be. The teams who identified the correct item were Fiona & Dot, Liz & Artii, Michelle & Loki, Ellen & Meg, and Jess & Ruby. Some of the dogs seemed quite distracted by the artificial grass the search area was on as well as the perimeter fencing. All the teams worked very hard throughout and there were some lovely searches.

Next it was to the Boxes & Luggage search. The scent was hidden on the flap of the box and placed at the back of the search area. The successful teams were Fiona & Dot, Lisa & Brew, Michelle & Loki, Liz & Oz, Jackie & Kona and Anne & Ellie. Again there were some good searches and some nice handling to be seen.

Well done to everyone who entered, I hope to see you all in the future.

A white dog was used for all searches.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1 Fiona Vaughan – Dot2052820566204.9822055799.9233
2Michelle Rodgers – Loki204.754420565205692052099.75198
3Jackie Hodges – Kona205180548205272052080113
4Liz Burton – Artii20516205642051604.953179.95127
5Ellen Lindley – Meg2053020528204.9153056079.9271
6Lisa Finney – Brew204.83704.562205622052579.3186
7Pat Wills – Lulu204.7549204.514020560056179.25310
WA = Wrong Alerts ( 4 = elimination )P = Points (articles found X 10)
B = Bonus (10 if all items found)D = DeductionsT = time (seconds)
Interior Search 1Interior Search 2Exterior SearchTotals
No of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedNo of itemsTime allowedP+B-D = Points + Bonus - Deductions
1Jill Harper – Herbie130100148030002401501002522110200130640
2Jackie Hodge – Lima03010014802000.05240050100.052550100200.1119.9643
3Alison Deakin – Izzie0000180040100147050100142090200110469
4Kathy Killick – Rowan0301008503000240040003000100100110625
5Tracy Alker – Billy02000180030002400501002520100100110672
6Denise Pile – Butty2200018003000240150100.052543100100.05109.95674
7Alison Williamson – Peppa130100.0513613000240040003002100100.05109.95676
8Lisa Finney – Tomba12000.0518003000240050100.053001100100.1109.9720
9Chris Clements – QueevaDiva1200018012000240050100212290100100632
10Hazell Williamson – Teddy12000.0518002000240150100251290100.0599.95671
11Felicity Wilash – Danny Darko3200018003000240040003003900090720

Great Rollright, Chipping Norton OX7 5RE

Start time: 9.15 am
Entry Fees: £22 per dog. Caped at 10 entries. Only one dog per handler per level
Contact: Karen Denton 07968 413543
Download Entry Form to book a place. Now fully booked