Sat 14 Mar 2020, Rubery

Levels 3 & 4: Judges - Level 3 Lyn Bowers & Sue Kirkham
Level 4 Lyn Bowers & Ali Brannen
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
11524 Jean Tomkinson & Neah204.95159.6205125.4205240.88204.9579.899.9605.68
21205 Liz Burton & Artii205172.91204.5183.620593.12204.925299.4701.63
31266 Sarah Eccleston & Bella20540.1520553.8520524.7210539.9690158.68
41426 Joanne Andews & Cora20565.382053220548.5410550.7890196.7
51281 Ruby Kwok & BooBoo204.956720565.420578.0310532.2289.95242.65
61206 Katie Dew & Red20538.412053610581.62204.9592.489.95248.43
71523 Chris Bennett & Santi20572.032053020574.87104.9518989.95365.9
81265 Sue Lander & Rolo20580.41204.966.620554.5104.9583.489.85284.91
91415 Kate Wilkes & Tali20562.9420541204.958.28104.9136.889.8299.02
101054 Jackie Hodge & Kona205169.3120594.2104.9565.56105123.679.95452.67
111166 Michelle Rodgers & Loki205145.35104.95139.8204.95120.63104.95122.479.85528.18
121618 Barbara Unitt & Amos104.95207.97204.948.56205108.90545.5969.85411.02
Level 4
11071 Nikki Inglis & Peppa205118.7120535.9320545.28204.9593.7599.95293.67
21106 Laura Williams & Jess205145.1205114.3120557.44204.95180.4499.95497.29
31017 Paula Warwicker & Ludo204.9221.620542.43204.9170.44205176.6999.8611.16
41221 Marie Tomkinson & Bertie205166.9420537204.85292204.95100.7599.8596.69
51075 Elizabeth Beaumont & Cash205116.78104.9567.7520584.5204.9572.6289.9341.65
61300 Zoe Ashman & Mist104.9263.72205150.5204.9228.1220510489.8746.34
71333 Mandy Rigby & Reenie20574.65204.5160.5204.95121.72104.75114.3789.2471.24
81387 Nicky Dunhill & Zak104.9104.0320573.44204.9123.69104.9541.1379.75342.29
91076 Elizabeth Beaumont & Chandra104.95170.97205121.18205124.44104.5273.1379.45689.72

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Trial manager’s report

It was a relatively calm day with just the odd short spell of rain for our Level 3 and Level 4 trial today. Lynn Bowers and Sue Kirkham judged the L3 in the morning and Lynn also judged L4 in the afternoon along with Ali Brannen. Many thanks indeed to them all for giving up their time to come and do this for me.

I sat in the hall at my laptop entering the scores as they came in so I was able to see the interior searches in both levels because I didn’t have any problems to deal with as my scribing and running team worked like a well oiled machine as usual. I’ll let the judges make comments on individual performances but the quality of the handling and the dogs’ searching ability was a pleasure to witness. Huge congratulations to all the teams but particularly to those placed who were: 1st Jean & Neah, 2nd Liz & Artii, 3rd Sarah & Bella and 4th Jo & Cora.

Level 4 started on time in the afternoon and again the standard of the teams was very high with most qualifying at this level. Lyn used part of a wall in the place of one car as I was only able to muster two cars for the afternoon searches. I was told by one of my judges and one of my runners that both their cars had been scratched in recent trials but despite this, they both allowed their cars to be used again for this trial. I think walls and fences will be the way forward in the future as we can’t have people having to pay for T-cutting after they’ve lent their cars for searching in trials. The wall didn’t pose any problem for the dogs however, as the handlers had prepared them for this in advance. Well done to all who took part, I’m sure that some of you are more than ready to move on to level 5. Congratulations to everyone who qualified. Massive congratulations to the placings: 1st place was taken by Nikki & Peppa, 2nd Laura & Jess, 3rd Paula & Ludo and 4th was Marie & Bertie.

Apart from thanking the judges Lyn, Sue and Ali for great judging and feedback, I’d also like to thank Ali, Michelle and Jackie for scribing and Sarah, Peter and Katie for doing a great job of running and keeping dogs and handlers safe and proceedings running smoothly.

Keep up the good work folks and I wish you all success in future trials. Thanks for coming and take care.

Karen Denton
14 March 2020

Thank you to Karen for asking me to judge Level 3. Also thank you to Ali for scribing and Peter and Sarah for running.

I judged alongside Lyn Bowers.

Exterior Search:
A garden sieve had the clove scent and the gun oil was on a silver up turned bucket. The search caused no problems with some quick times. Chris and Santi 30 seconds, Jo and Cora 32 seconds, Katie and Red 36 seconds. There were some good independent searches with dogs off lead and great teamwork.

Boxes and Luggage:
A shopping bag with wheels had the clove scent inside the zip and the gun oil was on a box at the start of the search area. This proved challenging with some dogs missing the box.

It was a pleasure to watch you work with your dogs. As a judge, I only see you working with your dogs for a short time. I hope that my comments are helpful. Keep up the good work with your dogs.

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