Sat 15 Apr 2023, Wichenford

Level 4: Judge - Pauline Whittaker

Wichenford Memorial Hall, Venn Lane, Wichenford, Worcestershire WR6 6YF,

Start: 9.30am
Entry Fees: £30.00 per dog.
Contact: Bridget Francis
– Tel: 07595710767

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Pauline Whittaker

Thanks as always to my team who allow me to run these trials so efficiently, especially to Bridget who is an excellent Trial Manager. Judy did a fabulous job as scribe and thanks to Mary who was the runner. We were grateful that the sun shone all morning.
Numbers were down to 7 as 2 people pulled out on the day due to an injured dog and car troubles so the trial ran quickly and we were finished by late morning.
At level 4 I expect to see teams working well together with, hopefully, a good indication and systematic searching. For the most part this was the case with some lovely teams competing who look ready for the higher levels. Some really fabulous indications from a few teams, meaning the owners could easily spot the difference between interested sniffing and a definite odour recognition. Distractions odours are introduced at this level and I used coffee and shampoo today. One dog indicated on the distractions, some of the others showed interest but easily dismissed them.
We started with tables and chairs with the clove odour on the underneath of the table leg and the gunoil on a radiator cap. Lovely calm and systematic searching from Rebecca and Myrtle. Great indications from Luisa and Skye and Claire and Xena.
The first outside search was a wall search with items placed at the bottom of it. The gunoil was placed on a stepladder early on in the search and the clove was on a drain with the two distractions placed in between. One dog indicated on a distraction and all others got both finds. Nice and calm handling from Helen and Thistle and a very fast search from Paula with Merrijazz.
In boxes and bags both odours were placed on boxes. Two dogs removed odours after nibbling at the boxes so something to be worked on there as the handling deductions possibly cost in overall placings.
In the final search the two odours were placed on a water carrier and a stool and were easily found by everyone. Lovely sympathetic handling throughout by Kate with Skye an older and deaf dog who showed she can still clearly compete with the younger dogs.
1st Rebecca and Myrtle – very well deserved with lovely consistent handling and searching through the morning.
2nd Clare and Xena – beautiful staffie with super indications
3rd Kate and Skye
4th Luisa and Skye

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