Sat 16 Apr 2022, West Buckland

Level 5: Judge - Pippa Bentham

West Buckland Village Hall, Silver St, West Buckland, Wellington TA21 9NA

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Pat Somerset

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

My first go at being Trial Manager for a Level 5 trial, after a few minor anxieties on my part it all ran very smoothly, Pippa and Zoe made it all so effortless on the day. The sun shone, all the competitors were there on time and ready to work, and it all went very well. I found it interesting to be able to watch some of the teams work, and how they worked and handled their dogs, each being individual, what worked best for the dog, and was helpful to me. Well done all those gaining a qualification and better luck next time to those just missing out, thank you for an enjoyable day.

Thank you Pat for the invitation to judge at your level 5 trial today, you did a brilliant job and the hall lent itself well to purpose. Many thanks to my scribe Zoe Heritage, brilliant as always. Thank you to the competitors who were absolutely brilliant a really friendly lot who accepted my decisions with good grace and were without exception a polite and cheerful bunch. The tests I set were all very doable as they should be at a level 5 and Kate with Rafiki worked superbly to find all 12, well done, Debra with Buddy and Chrissie with Oggie also worked well. I have to say Derek with Daisy May who finished in 4th demonstrated some of the best methodical searching of the areas, unfortunately Daisy’s age is catching up with her but she gives it her best despite getting very tired by the third search. Steph with Freyja search with enthusiasm which was rewarded with a qualification but highlighted some areas to work on. Unfortunately not all qualified today which was a shame, still both dogs did some good work.

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