Sat 18 Jul 2020, Great Rollright

Level 3: Judge - Ali Brannen
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Debbie Williams - Sundae205222204.9597104.75216204.958189.65616
2Elizabeth Beaumont - Ceri20517220579104.75200204.525589.25706
3Kate Rapley - Rafiki205171104.7570204.95103104.953479.65378
4Jean Tomkinson - Neah104.530020598205107104.758379.25588
5Rachel Williams - Topic104.5229204.9544204.7571104.752278.95366
6Sue McAuliffe - Tiva104.75163204.95192104.9556104.957769.6488
7Glenis Charles - Loxley104.5192104.953720581104.758269.2392
8Barbara Unitt - Amos104.5125104.7543204.75105104.7512268.75395

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report

Firstly thank you to Karen for asking me to judge this level 3 and thank you to Hazell for hosting us.

We started the morning searches with boxes and luggage, a scent was placed in a box at the back of the search area, and in a small flat bag in the middle of the area. Only 2 teams found both scents and they were Debbie & Sundae & Liz & Ceri. Barbara & Amos, Rachel & Topic, Glennis & Loxley, Kate & Rafiki, Sue & Tiva and Jean & Neah found 1 of the scents.

Then it was on to the exterior search, 1 scent was hidden on the wheel of a toy car and the other scent was placed at the end of a pipe. The teams seemed to be more successful here with 5/8 getting both hides and they were Debbie & Sundae, Rachel & Topic, Liz & Ceri, Sue & Tiva and Jean & Neah. Barbara & Amos, Glennis & Loxley and Kate & Rafiki found 1 scent.

On to the vehicle search where we used a barn wall, 1 scent was placed in the 1st part of the wall, the 2nd was placed at the end. Again 5/8 teams were successful and they were Barbara & Amos, Rachel & Topic, Glennis & Loxley, Kate & Rafiki and Jean & Neah. With Debbie & Sundae, Liz & Ceri and Sue & Tiva finding 1 scent.

Lastly was the tables, chairs & perimeter search. The scent was hidden on the 8th chair and inside a bike tyre on the perimeter. 3/8 teams found both scents and they were Debbie & Sundae, Kate & Rafiki and Liz & Ceri. Barbara & Amos, Rachel &Topic, Glennis & Loxley, Sue & Tiva and Jean & Neah found 1 scent.

So congratulations to Debbie & Sundae in 1st place, Liz & Ceri in 2nd, Kate & Rafiki got 3rd and Jean & Neah gained 4th along with an excellent award. Only 1 other team qualified this day and that was Rachel & Topic. Well done guys.

It was a pleasure to judge you all and I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Ali Brannen

Trial Manager’s report: Level 3 Great Rollright 18 July 2020

Many thanks to Hazell for allowing me to use her lovely home as a venue for my Level 3 trial and also to Ali Brannen for judging.

It was a lovely mild day and near perfect conditions for our dog teams. The Covid rules were strictly adhered to so thanks to all the competitors for their cooperation with this.

As with last week’s trial, everyone seemed to enjoy being out and about again after lockdown and returning to some sort of normality although, after the long break, a few handlers and dogs were a little rusty.

The trial was run in two halves with four teams in the morning and another four in the afternoon. The scores were calculated at the end of the afternoon and our winner came from the morning group. Congratulations to Debbie & Sundae for doing a cracking job and taking 1st place. 2nd, 3rd and 4th were from the afternoon group and, in order, they were Liz &
Ceri, Kate & Rafiki and Jean & Neah. Many congratulations to all of you. There was a good deal of great handling amongst all the teams.

I’d like to thank every competitor, several of whom, had travelled for many hours to take part. I hope you all enjoyed the trial and that you felt safe. Thank you for coming.

Karen Denton

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