Sat 18 Jun 2022, Hillingdon

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell

The Scout Hut, Micawber Avenue, Hillingdon, UB8 3NZ

Start: 9.30 & 1.30
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Best Paw Forward Dog Training Club

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

A Thankyou to all the Lynns for inviting me back to Hayes(Hillingdon),to judge a level 1 and 3 trial.Thankyou Jackie for scribing throughout the day for me to.
A lovely sunny day with a gentle breeze.
We had 10 teams competing.A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

I laid out some 11 items,concealing the scent in a black breifcase.
A mixed bag with 6 of the teams finding the scent with reasonable ease.
An excellent showing here by Katharine and Maya in 28 seconds,closely followed him by Babs and Breeze.

The scent was concealed in the front right grill ,the vehicle being positioned side on to the start line.
8 teams were successful here ,with the remaining two picking up the scent but unfortunately being some 12 “away when handler called find.
Sue and Puffin being top of the tree here ,finding the scent in some 12 secs.

14 items were laid out here on the tarmac at the front entrance to the main building.The 3 items identified to the handlers were,a cutlery tray,a toy wheelbarrow and a wooden wall clock.The scent was hidden in the latter and placed to the far right of the search area.
A better showing here with with 9 teams being successful.
Good displays of searching and handling here by,Lynne and Beau,Katarina and Maya,Alison and Cyril.

The normal 2 tables and 8 chairs were laid out here in a square in the centre of the main hall.The scent was hidden under the furthest away chair to the right of the start.
An excellent display by all 6 successful teams here,all finding the scent in under 30 seconds

My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day..
1…Lynne and Beau….Lyn and Pudding…3…Alan and Dylan…4…Sue and Puffin.
1st and 2nd gaining maximum points,positions being awarded on time.They also both gained their excellence awards…..

A lovely way to spend a morning and generally overall some lovely handling and searching.
A little inexperience and nerves show by some,but this can only improve with time and training.
I wish you all the best of luck in your Scentwork journey.

Following a short lunch break we moved onto level 3.
We had 7 teams competing.

2 tables and 8 chairs were laid out,the cloves scent being hidden under the furthest away chair to the left.The gun oil scent was hidden inside a cabinet seam,to the right side of the room,approx 12 “ from ground level.
6 teams all identifying both scents with reasonable ease.
Well done to Dawn and Deisel,the only team here to go to source on both hides…never the less some lovely searching by the others.

14 items were laid out on the tarmac area.The gun oil scent was concealed on a truck type trolley and placed to the left.The cloves scent was hidden in a clamp of a caravan mirror and placed to the far right.
Success,all teams finding both.Lovely methodical searching by,Maya and Sasha. All others also putting on a good display.

13 items were laid out in the main hall.The scents here were hidden within the zip of a bag and the strap of another.These were both placed to right and left front of the start.
Only 3 of the teams correctly identified both scents here.
Lovely handling and search by Sharon and Fudge in some 3O seconds.

This was set up at the front of the building with a walled area and 2 vehicles.
The scents were hidden,gun oil, behind a fan extractor on the wall ,approx 18” from ground level.The cloves in a small hole on the front offside wheel one of the vehicles.
5 teams were successful here,with one finding one,and one finding none.
A good display shown here by all 5,finding both comfortably.

My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day.
1…Caroline and Gus…2…Sharon and Fudge…3…Tracy and Inca…4…Dawn and Deisel…

A pleasure to judge these up and coming teams.I look forward to perhaps seeing some of you,if not all,at some time in the future.
Good luck to you all….

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