Sat 18 Mar 2023, Cannock Wood, WS15 4NB

Levels L4 and L5: Judges - Harry Latusek

Cannock Wood & Gentleshaw Village Hall, Buds Road, Cannock Wood. WS15 4NB

Start: 0900 and 1230
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
– Tel: 07816658808

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 5
I commenced the afternoon interior 2.
5 hides were placed out in the entrance foyer,corridor and disabled toilet.
2 were secreted on radiators, 1 half way up the radiator and one low and central.1 behind the toilet cistern,1 at the bottom of the door leading to the kitchen and finally, 1 half way up a table leg.
2 of the 11 teams excelled themselves here finding all 5.These were Linda and Flo in some 149 seconds and Jan and Jasmine,not far behind on 167 seconds.
Good displays here also by,Kate and Tali,Rachael and Topic,Liz and Artie,Judith and Jazz and finally
Joyce and Loki.All finding 4 of the hides within the allotted time.

The exterior search area was contained with an enclosed area to the right of the main building.
Lots of hidey holes with doors,pipes,building material,fencing,plant holders and wall…need I say more.
I chose to put 4 hides out here,number 1 ,(G) close to the start line under a plant pot holder.Number 2,(C) I placed at the opposite end of the 6’ plant pot holder.
Number 3,(G) I secreted in a gap in the brickwork of a wall approx 12” high.
The 4th hide,C) I hid under a fence post to the right,and at the end of the search area.
Only 3 of the teams were successful in finding all 4 hides.
Lovely handling and searching by these e teams,who were……Kate and Tali,Judith and Jazz, and Rebecca and Pixie,the times were 101,116 and 151 seconds respectively.
Five of the remaining teams also showing good technique and finding 3 of the 4 hides.

Interior one.
The area chosen was a reasonable sized room, set of the main hall.It contained lots of chairs,tables,a piano amongst other distractions.
On entry through the door at the start,I placed 1 hide to the right in an alcove ,(G) low down on the skirting.
The second hide,(C) I placed approx 12 inches from ground level in the far left corner of the room.
Lastly a cloves scent was placed under a stack of chairs, some 18” from the ground to the far side of the room.
2 of the 11 competeing teams were on the ball here finding all 3.The main culprits were the 2 corner hides,a number of the dogs missing one or the other.
Well done to Lynda and Flo and Fiona and Sage for finding all 3 in some 125 and 149 seconds respectively.

Overall during the trial,all teams showed some lovely handling and searching in certain areas.
It was plain to see that gaps between items and corners,need a little practice by some of the teams, but nothing disastrous.

My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day…
1….Lynda and Flo….2…Rachel and Topic…3…Kate and Tali…4…Rebecca and Pixie.
I wish you all all the best in your future trials and hope to meet up,with some of you again,if not all.

A big Thankyou to Kate for inviting me to judge the level 4 and 5 trials.A Thankyou also to my scribes and runner,Joanne and Olga.
I co judged the level 4 with my colleague Julie Blytheway.
It was a slightly chilly day with a few showers in the air.A white dogwood used prior to all searches commencing.
I chose to judge the tables/chairs/ perimeter and the vehicles searches.
Tables/chairs/ perimeter
I chose to use 2 tables and 8 chairs.The tables were set up in a T shape in the centre of the large main hall.
I hid both scents on the tables,cloves underneath the top of the left hand table and gun oil on the bottom strut of the table to the right.
Distractions scents were shampoo and peppermint oil.These were placed behind,and half way up a radiator on the left side of the room,and underneath an electric socket,sited on the right side of the room.
Only 2 of the 9 teams successfully found both hides,with 6 finding 1 and one finding none.
Four of the handlers wrong alerting on the shampoo distraction.
An excellent display by Rebecca and Freddie finding both in some 1 minute 44 secs.
Sara and Billie gave a good account of themselves,with Billie deciding to climb on top of the table to track the scent.

Vehicle/Wall search
This was set up,too,the left of the main building using a length of wall and 2 vehicles.
A grassy hedgerow to left of the vehicles provided a good distraction.
I hid both scents in the furthest away vehicle,the cloves in the sill of the passenger door and the gun in the sill of the drivers door.(Yes,they were more than 4’ apart).
4 of the teams found both hides reasonably comfortably with the four finding only 1.
Excellent display of searching and handling by Brenda and Maggie,finding both in some 75 seconds.Nice searching again by Rebecca and Freddie,
Closely followed by Helen and Thistle and Debbie and Sundae.
A lovely way to spend a morning and catch up,with some old friends.Well done to you all.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day……
1…Brenda and Maggie…2…Helen and Thistle…3…Rebecca and Freddie…4…Emma and Usula…
I look forward to meeting up with some,if not all of you at sometime in the future…

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