Sat 18th May 2019, Bodle Street Green

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Carol Ashworth & Harry Latusek
Level 1

1 Francesca May – Cody – 100
2 Pauline Fuller 0 Bentley – 100
3 Anne Glennon – Missy – 100
4 Jo Philpott – Boy – 100
5 Alison Jones – Finn – 100
6 Karen Lindsey – Erni – 99.75
7 Katherine Christou – Benji – 80
8 Phil Jones – Koda – 79.45
9 Jenny Walters – Frankie – 78
10 Pam Butcher – Willow – 74.25

Level 2

1 Dawn Jenkins – Diesel – 100
2 Angela Edwards – Woody – 100
3 Lesley Rainger – Kibo – 100
4 Ann Vellenoweth – Rosalie – 99.75
5 Jacky Lawrence – Henri – 99.65
6 Mikylla Elshof – Eve – 99.5
7 Carina Stevenson – Dillon – 99.3
8 Cathryn Mantovani – Toffee – 89.9
9 Julia Jarrold – Pudding – 89.75
10 Pauline Fuller – Denzel – 79.75

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Francesca May – Cody20523205292056420525100141
2Pauline Fuller 0 Bentley20518205352054320549100145
3Anne Glennon – Missy20540205302053020562100162
4Jo Philpott – Boy20532205402056320545100180
5Alison Jones – Finn2055720536205129205120100342
6Karen Lindsey – Erni205192051720522204.751899.7576
7Katherine Christou – Benji051420526205322053580107
8Phil Jones – Koda0518204.985204.8104204.754679.45253
9Jenny Walters – Frankie057220524203.5166204.54878310
10Pam Butcher – Willow2052520015504.5148204.757774.25405
Level 2
1Dawn Jenkins – Diesel20523205522054920532100156
2Angela Edwards – Woody20568205332056520540100206
3Lesley Rainger – Kibo205152057620519520528100314
4Ann Vellenoweth – Rosalie2052720545204.75732053999.75184
5Jacky Lawrence – Henri204.976204.75812051222054199.65320
6Mikylla Elshof – Eve2054220590204.51392053199.5302
7Carina Stevenson – Dillon204.848205130204.52242053599.3437
8Cathryn Mantovani - Toffee104.932205342051132053289.9211
9Julia Jarrold – Pudding2053820581204.751411055989.75319
10Pauline Fuller – Denzel20555104.751191051192055879.75351

What a fantastic day we had hosting a level 2 this morning and a level 1 this afternoon. Thank you so much to the judges Carol and Harry. The competitors said your feedback was very supportive and has given them tips to help them progress in ScentWork UK.

I couldn‘t have run such a smooth trial without the excellent scribes Ruth and Stuart thank you and for all the runners, Sara, Carina, Carole, Julia and Lin. Your help was so much appreciate, thanks.

It was lovely to see lots of new faces along with our regular class members, the dogs were brilliant and everyone seemed to enjoy their day. I am glad I had lots of clean sweep rosettes with all the clean sweeps that were achieved.

I know a lot of competitors their journey isn’t fully the ScentWork but the work they have done with their dogs in order to have them happy in this sort of environment, its lovely seeing dogs doing something they love who can’t join in other dog sports.

A big pat on the back to everyone today you are all amazing!!!!!

Harold Latusek

A big Thank you to Niomi, for inviting me to judge at this lovely venue, set in the beautiful Sussex countryside. Also a big Thank you to my wonderful scribe for the day, Ruth.The runners and helpers did an excellent job, keeping everything flowing smoothly, including the coffee and cakes. I would have no hesitation in returning.
The judging on the day was shared by myself and Carol Ashworth.

We commenced with level 2 in the morning and I was tasked with judging, the tables/chairs and perimeter and boxes and luggage.


A nervy start to the day by some of the handlers, but overall, some excellent handling and searching by the dogs, only 3 of the 12,Not identifying both hidden scents. Lightening times by, Lesley and Kibo,15 seconds, closely followed by Dawn and Diesel on 23 seconds.


I concealed the scents,1 in the Velcro handle of a flat black bag, at it’s furthest point from the start line, the 2nd,I placed in an upturned box seam, nearest the start. Good handling all round again, a little of the nerves having dispersed. The majority of dogs by passed the box, quickly finding the bag scent. Thankfully returning to find the box, all but 1 of the teams finding both. Carina and Dillon finding the 1st scent in 3 seconds, with 3 of the others, Dawn and Diesel, Mikyalla and Eve, Lesley and Kibo all identifying both scents in around 30 seconds.
Excellent performance all round and some lovely upcoming teams. There were 7 clean sweeps and 3 max scores of 100.

1st place went to, Dawn and Diesel,2nd Angela and Woody, also gaining their Excellence title.3rd Lesley and Kibo and 4th to Anne and Rosalie.


Following a short lunch break, it was onto level 1,where I judged the vehicle and exterior searches.

These were held in a lovely open grass field. A few of the dogs had never searched on grass before and initially found it a little distracting.

I started with the vehicle, concealing the scent in a wheel nut of the front passenger wheel. Some lovely searching and patience shown by the handlers, with some 9 of the 12 teams finding the scent.


This was also held on grass. I hid the scent, on the underside of a black road cone base, placing it centrally amongst the other items.Excellent methodical searching by, Francesca and Cody, Karen and Ernie, Jo and Boy and Pauline and Bentley. All teams handled the exterior search well, all being successful. A wonderful display by all dogs and some lovely teams in the making.

We had 6 clean sweeps on the day and there were 5 teams on the max 100 score.
1st place going to,Francesca and Cody,2nd Pauline and Bentley,3rd Anne and Missy and 4th to Jo and Boy.

I wish them all, success in the future.

Calm and Content Dogs, Bodle Street Green, BN27 4QU

Start time: TBA
Entry Fees: £25 per dog. Capped at 12 entries. Only one dog per handler.
Contact: Calm and Content Dogs 07855 804735
Download Entry Form to book a place. Fully booked