Sat 19 Feb 2022, Perranwell Station

Levels 2 & 5: Judges - L2: Debra Cassidy, L5: Denise Pile

Perranwell Centre, School Hill, Perranwell Station TR3 7JU

Start: L2 – 9.30 am, L5 – 2.00 pm estimate
Entry Fees: £26 per dog.
Contact: Jackie Lawer

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Following Storm Eunice whipping across Cornwall on Friday, I managed to pop over and check that our venue was still standing! Luckily the wind has subsided the next day and we were able to proceed as planned. Unfortunately, the early morning sunshine didn’t last and we had heavy rainfall for the first couple of hours, with the wind picking up again (albeit not nearly as extreme as the previous day thankfully!).
Many thanks to our judges, Debra Cassidy for L2 and Denise Pile for L5, who both set good challenges. The weather conditions certainly were testing for the vehicle search in L2 and the L5 exterior search.
Thanks also to our scribes and helpers for doing a great job and Gill for providing us with a third vehicle, enabling us to run a vehicle search for L2. I must say it made a nice change from a wall search.
Well done to everyone who took part, we hope you enjoyed your day despite the weather.

Thank you Jackie for asking me to judge the level 2 at this great new venue. Such a pity the weather was not so kind to the first cohort, rain ,wind and more rain but all coped admirably and really encouraged their dogs to work through some horrible conditions (I went through two coats). It was encouraging to see lots of new teams; all I would say just a ‘gentle reminder’ to read the guidelines ; they are there to help you. I saw some great off lead work with very independent dogs doing some very systematic searching, with handlers stepping in quietly when they needed a little help. It was good practice to see some of you just take time to reset their dog, to go on and complete the search. The vehicle search was difficult due to the swirling wind but you should all be pleased with the way you stayed ‘with it’ and really encouraged your dogs.
You were a great group of competitors and I hope that you enjoyed your day and took away some pointers for next time. Well done all.

I really enjoyed being the judge for Level 5, Thank you Jackie for asking me and providing some delicious soup. The 1st interior search proved to be quite easy, everyone found all 4 and got there bonus points allthough one or two people only just got them within the 4 minutes Lesley you only had 8 seconds to spare you spent a long time searching in the toilet! and Lynn had just a few more seconds with 23 left. The exterior should have been fairly easy but only Lesley with Toffee found all 4 hides I suppose it was a bit sneaky putting it just around the corner near the cones. The 2nd interior search also proved to be difficult with Katie, Sue and Debra finding all 4 Debra you had just 30 seconds left. There were 3 wrong alerts called in this search there was none in the other searches. I hope everyone enjoyed and possibly learnt something from this trial, I think the mane message from it was search everywhere. And a big thank you to Lisa for scribing for me.

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