Sat 19 Mar 2022, Moreleigh

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Debra Cassidy & Tina Cameron

Halwell & Moreleigh Village hall, Moreleigh Cross, Moreleigh, Totnes, TQ9 7JQ

Start: 9:30 & 1:30pm
Entry Fees: £25 per dog.
Contact: Georgina Davies

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 2 Report
A dry Morleigh trial (hooray) although quite windy at times with wind changing direction mid search. Thank you Georgina for inviting me to judge and thanks to Val who stepped up to be a scribe for the first time.

Search one: tables,chairs and perimeter, a big search area with 3 perimeter sides to search. As competitors entered the search area the perimeter item was on their left on waffle floor covering, it was lovely to see dogs do a double take as they hit odour. The hide on the chair was at the opposite side of the search area at the front of the chair.

Search two: containers and bags saw the two scented items as teams entered at 1 o’clock (bag) and 9 o’clock, most teams worked on lead and were quick to call the finds in those with active indications. (No containers were hurt in this search)

Search three: exterior items, this caused some issues with some teams as the hose on reel ( scented item) was secured with duct tape so as not to unwind, I also ensured this was on other items. The wind was unkind to some teams as well with a swirling motion.

Search four: wall search. The wall is a very flat wall, but with a slip lip all the way along. ( I was on my back placing and securing the hides). Hide one was close to the start of the wall and hide two mid way along the wall. It was lovely to see teams really search at the beginning of the wall ( well done trainers).

Today the handling stood out with no marks deducted, those who worked on long lines did so with no tangles, those on short leash no pulling ;it was a delight to see. Also more calming start routines giving dogs and handlers time to stop and think before they commenced searching, with search plans changing as dogs caught the odour. Teams also commented that they had taken on board previous judges comments and this really showed in handling.

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