Sat 20th Apr 2019, Chalfont St Giles

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Keith Clowes & Harold Latusek
Level 1

1 Helen Soper – Toby – 100
2 Emma Bearman – Alfie – 100
3 Jacky Lawrence – Henri – 100
4 Isabel Spence – Monty – 100
5 Emma Conlisk – Danny – 100
6 Lisa Hunt – McGee – 99.9
7 Barry Cook – Ziva – 99.8
8 Lena Stenton – Angel – 99.8
9 Chrissy Davies – Indy – 99.8
10 Kirsten Palmer – Simba – 99.5
11 Anne Vellenoweth – Rosalie – 80
12 Martina Mametajova – Misty – 79.9
13 Vanessa Bonner – Willow – 79.9
14 Marie Poole – Roger – 79.75

Level 2

1 Barry Cook – Ziva – 100
2 Helen Soper – Toby – 100
3 Richard Purnell – Ziggy – 100
4 Deborah Palmer – Majic – 100
5 Jane Powell – Dillan – 99.9
6 Sam Quesnell – Maisie – 99.8
7 Angela Edwards – Woody – 99.8
8 Nicola Davis – Timber – 99.65
9 Emma Conlisk – Smartie – 90
10 Martina Ramage – Phoebe – 89.75
11 Val Isherwood – Heike – 89.15
12 John Hearn – Skip – 79.9

Harold Latusek

My first visit to this wonderful venue at Chalfont Saint Giles. Thankyou to Laura for inviting me to judge levels one and two on the day, alongside my fellow judge, Kieth Clowes. A special Thankyou to my lovely scribes,Francesca and Jacky,also to our runners and helpers, without you it would be much more difficult.

I was tasked with judging the exterior and boxes and luggage in level one.

I commenced with the exterior search, hiding the scent between four bricks. All teams were given the option of knowing the three items, of which,one would contain the scent. 13 of the 14 teams correctly identified the hide, the only one missing out, had elected to search blind. Only minor handling points where lost by handlers blocking the sent cone from their dogs, and one dog decided to leave the search area. Overall good handling, especially by Emma and Danny, 14 seconds, Anne and Rosalie, 12 seconds and Helen and Toby 7 seconds..I then moved indoors to the boxes and luggage search. The airflow in the room was blowing towards the start cones, so I decided to conceal the scent, in a compartment of a black handbag, at its furthest point away from the start.

All teams were successful in finding the hidden sent. Excellent time of 10 seconds by Emma and Alfie. The searching by Emma and Alfie, Jackie and Henri, Martina and Misty were wonderful to watch, each being very methodical. It was nice to see some of the handlers, giving their dogs plenty of space to work, particularly, Helen and Toby and Lisa and Mcgee.Some of the handlers were a little guilty of blocking the sent cone from their dogs. The overall standard was excellent. A pleasure to watch, I am sure many of you, if not all, will go on to have a very fruitful and rewarding future.

Level two.

Following a break,we moved on to the level 2 trial in the afternoon, in which we had 12 entrants. I started with the vehicles search, concealing one sent under the towbar cover of the first of the three vehicles. I left the second vehicle clean,the second scent,I hid,within the front drivers wheel of the third vehicle.A Slight wind was blowing from the direction of the vehicles towards the start line. All teams were successful in identifying both scents, with some lovely handling,and quick times by Helen and Toby, 33 seconds, Martina and Phoebe, 43 seconds. A couple of handlers fell foul of blocking the scent from their dogs, and a couple of dogs suffered a little distraction. Overall, some very good teamwork.

it was then time to move out of the lovely sunshine, indoors for the tables, chairs and the perimeter search. I hid the scent underneath the rear of one of the chairs, the second was concealed in the roof of an open fronted wooden box, on the perimeter. Good controlled searching by the majority of teams, with 10 of the 12 correctly identifying both scents. Excellent methodical searching, by Deborah and Majic, Emma and Smartie, Richard and Ziggy and Barry and Zeva, to name but four. Lovely handling and patience,shown by Nicola with timber. Helen, working Toby, showed us all the way, by finding both scents in 32 seconds, closely followed by Barry and Ziva in 38 seconds.

Your dogs were a credit to you all,and lovely to watch the close bond between you. Congratulations to our rosette winners, Barry and Zeva, Helen and Toby, Richard and Ziggy and Deborah and Majic,all with maximum points,we had a further four clean sweeps and only 0.35 seconds separated the first eight dogs.

Well done to you all and the best of luck in your future trials

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Helen Soper – Toby205312057205342052410096
2Emma Bearman – Alfie2053820516205332051010097
3Jacky Lawrence – Henri20548205162052320534100121
4Isabel Spence – Monty20571205132052120539100144
5Emma Conlisk – Danny20566205142056120533100174
6Lisa Hunt – McGee204.94020522205222053099.9114
7Barry Cook – Ziva205202053420512204.84499.8110
8Lena Stenton – Angel20557204.92720526204.94799.8157
9Chrissy Davies – Indy20566204.94520520204.94399.8174
10Kirsten Palmer – Simba20534204.529205222051899.5103
11Anne Vellenoweth – Rosalie054220512205282053380115
12Martina Mametajova – Misty04.910120519205482052079.9188
13Vanessa Bonner – Willow05482052020550204.911979.9237
14Marie Poole – Roger2052604.75245205462053779.75354
Level 2
1Barry Cook – Ziva20538205602054420515100157
2Helen Soper – Toby20532205432053320554100162
3Richard Purnell – Ziggy20564205212058520524100194
4Deborah Palmer – Majic20561205582057520537100231
5Jane Powell – Dillan204.968205442051332057999.9324
6Sam Quesnell – Maisie204.887205592051292054299.8317
7Angela Edwards – Woody204.969205110204.91382057199.8388
8Nicola Davis – Timber20514820543204.75179204.96599.65435
9Emma Conlisk – Smartie20567205442051121053890261
10Martina Ramage – Phoebe1055320523204.75442052389.75143
11Val Isherwood – Heike204.7585204.9127204.52591059289.15563
12John Hearn – Skip104.91902052162051631056479.9633

Chalfont St Giles Memorial Hall, School Lane, Chalfont St Giles, Bucks, HP8 4JJ.

Start time – 9.00am,
Entry Fees: £24 per dog,

Entries capped at 12 per level

Contact: Laura Ward, t.07931 566921 ,
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