Sat 21 May 2022, Hethe

Levels 2 & 6: Judges - Gloria Bonnell & Harry Latusek

Hethe Village Hall, Hardwick Road, Hethe, OX27 8EY

Start: 9am
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Heather Donnelly

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you to Heather for inviting me to judge L2, and my scribe Harry Latusek. It was a pleasant day with good weather and a great group of people. On the whole the handling was very good, just a couple who needed to give their dogs a little more encouragement, but well done to everyone.
I was tasked to judge all 4 searches, and Cloves was used on all searches. No white dog was used.
I started with:
Tables/Chairs and Perimeter
A combination of two tables and 8 chairs with 6 perimeter items. 1st scent was placed on the perimeter in a cd player to the left as handlers went through the start 2nd scent was under the centre of the chair on the right of the table, the chair nearest as handlers went through the start. Nearly everyone found them quite easy, just one wrong alert.
Vehicle Search
A Wall and one car used. The 1st scent was in the padlock of a garage door to the bottom of the garage on the left as handlers went through start, 2nd was on the front driver’s side wheel. All handlers found both with some very good handling.
Boxes & Luggage
There were 13 items placed – consisting of boxes and bags. 1st scent was placed on the box to the right of the entry point – 2nd scent was on the left at the top of search area in the buckle of a flight bag. 3 handlers wrong alerted on 1 item and one handler wrong alerted on both items.
This consisted of 12 items. The 1st scent was to the right in an electric hair brush, and the 2nd in a drill to the left of the search area, both items half way down search area. Everyone found both scents without too much trouble. I must mention Kim & Dexter Super handling and great a search.
Also, a Special mention must go to Paula Davis & Merrijazz, super young spaniel, made all the searches look easy. Lynda Bowers & Lacey, not an easy dog, but put her best paw forward.
I’d like to thank everyone who entered, it was a joy to watch your dog’s work. Congratulations to the qualifiers and rosette winners:
1st Paula Davis & Merrijazz
2nd Helen Strszewska & Thistle
3rd Jane Hudson-Evans
4th Lynda Bowers & Lacey
I look forward to judging you all again in the future.

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