Sat 21st Dec 2019, Chalfont St Giles

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Helen Soper and Ali Brannen
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1ELLIE Pauline Nea204.97320540205162053499.9163
2MERLIN Shelagh Rowling204.96420539205232055699.9182
3HAZEL Helen Hankins204.911020533205432055299.9238
4KOUROS Lyn Church204.88420556205652054299.8247
5BOBBY Elinor Lobban204.847204.5111205202052499.3202
6GUS Caroline Nicholson0521204.9513820555204.95379.85267
7DAISY Wendy Rakison05952052520525204.86679.8211
8FREYA Rosemary Williamson20523204.95572052204.84379.75145
9SIMBA Kristin Palmer20521205232052704.72279.793
10BORIS Dianne Botting2053720554204.956104.72879.65180
11HARRY Thomas Ward204.936204.95712055604.84479.65207
12ARTHUR Shelagh Rowling204.752205562052404.99379.6225
Level 3
1ROSALIE Anne Vellenoweth20560205572056020546100223
2DILLAN Jane Powell205100205602056220528100250
3WILLOW Vanessa Bonner2051102057320515720560100400
4MAISIE Eileen Giles204.959320540204.91062055399.85292
5MCGEE Lisa Hunt20548204.895205852054399.8271
6WILLOW Pam Butcher204.95164204.469204.9125204.54898.75406
7COCO Janet Phillips204.959920544104.91502052589.85318
8CODY Francsesca May104.95212204.978204.91032056389.75456
9BOMBER Margaret Cameron104.5168104.5158204.9892057778.9492

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Scentwork UK Level 1 Judges Report

First off I would like to thank Laura Ward for asking me to judge this level 1 as well as huge thanks to Clare Williams who scribed for me all day. Also thanks to Lisa Hunt for keeping the competitors moving between the 2 search areas and to my Co Judge Helen Soper.

I volunteered to judge the exterior searches and we started with the Exterior Item search. The competitors were given the choice of knowing which 3 items it could possible be and the items were a lamp shade, a small stack of yellow cones and a shower head. The scent was hidden in the shower head and the item was placed into the middle of the search area. Although some of the dogs were quite distracted by the other smells in the search area, the handlers stayed calm and encouraged the dogs to stay focused on the job at hand. 13/13 teams found the hide and they were, Rosemary & Freya, Thomas & Harry, Elioner & Bobby, Pauline & Ellie, Shelagh & Arthur, Kristen & Simba, Lyn & Kouros, Caroline & Gus, Helen & Hazel, Wendy & Daisy, Dianne & Boris, Carly & Widget and Shelagh & Merlin. Well done everyone.

Then it was vehicle search, the scent was hidden on the left front wheel of the vehicle. 12/13 teams were successful on this search, and they were Thomas & Harry, Lyn & Kouros, Elioner & Bobby, Helen & Hazel, Shelagh & Merlin, Wendy & Daisy, Dianne & Boris, Rosemary & Freya, Caroline & Gus, Kristen & Simba, Pauline & Ellie and Shelagh & Arthur. The teams performed really well on this search, some lovely indications and none of the teams were phased by the traffic passing on the lane nearby. So good job everyone.

The standard in this trial was quite high with 12/13 teams qualifying. Into the ribbons were 1st Pauline & Ellie, 2nd Shelagh & Merlin, 3rd Helen & Hazel and 4th to Lyn & Kouros. The qualifiers were Elioner & Bobby, Caroline & Gus Wendy & Daisy, Rosemary & Freya, Kristin & Simba, Dianne & Boris, Thomas & Harry, and Shelagh & Arthur.

A massive well done to everyone who took part, keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

A white dog was used on all areas.

Ali Brannen

Scentwork UK Level 3 Judges Report

First off I would like to thank Laura Ward for asking me to Judge at this trial, thanks also to Clare Williams who scribed for me and to my Co Judge Helen Soper.

I was tasked with the interior searches, which was a bonus as it rained pretty heavily that afternoon, (sorry Helen). We started with the Tables, Chairs & Perimeter search. Clove was hidden on the 2nd Chair going round the left of the table, and gun oil was hidden about 2 inches up in a door seam. 8/10 teams found both hides and they were Lisa & McGee, Eileen & Maisie, Anne & Rosalie, Pam & Willow, Janet & Coco, Jane & Dillan, Vanessa & Willow and Anne & Missy who were NFC for this trial. 2 teams found 1 hide and they were Margaret & Bomber and Francessca & Cody. There were some lovely searches, some dogs just breezed through this search and some teams had to work a little bit harder to cover the area. The handling was good and the dogs seemed to be up to the challenge. Well done everyone.

Then it was the Boxes & Luggage. Cloves was hidden on the first bag in the search area and gun oil was hidden on a box to the right of the search area. All 10 teams found both hides with very little trouble, in fact this was one of the best Boxes & Luggage searches I have seen. Only 1 dog got over excited with the prospect of this search, but still remained accurate. Successful teams were Anne & Missy (NFC), Anne & Rosalie, Vanessa & Willow, Francesca & Cody, Janet & Coco, Lisa & McGee, Pam & Willow, Jane & Dillon, Margaret & Bomber and Eileen & Maisie. Good Job everyone.

9 teams qualified for their Level 3, as Anne & Missy were NFC for this trial. So in to the ribbons were 1st Anne & Rosalie, 2nd Jane & Dillan, 3rd Vanessa & Willow and 4th to Eileen & Maisie. The qualifiers were Lisa & McGee, Pam & Willow, Janet & Coco, Francesca & Cody and Margaret & Bomber.

Congratulations to all who took part in this trial, it was easy to see how well you all have been training your dogs by how well they all did, as I said earlier the Boxes & Luggage search was fabulous to watch and it was a real pleasure to judge you all. I look forward to seeing you all in the future.

A white dog was used in all areas.

Ali Brannen

We had a lovely relaxed day, although the sun did not shine on us. In fact the afternoon was bloom’in freezing and quite wet so everyone did really well.

A special thank you to judges Helen Soper and Ali Brannen. I know the competitors were very grateful for your making them feel at ease and constructive feedback.
Thank you to my one and only scribe Clare Pudcross, and for Lisa Hunt running the level 1s, and level 3s for organising themselves so well while I was scribing.
We saw a hugh standard of searching, and it was lovely to see the jump from level 1 to 3. It just shows practice and experience really does make perfect so keep up the good work.

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