Sat 22 Apr 2023, Dronfield, S18 4AL

Levels 1: Judges - Harry Latusek

The Fred Hopkinson Memorial Hall, Crow Lane, Unstone, Dronfield, S18 4AL

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: This Dog Can – Kat Brookman Dog Training
– Tel: 07930906225

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

The below judges comments relate to a level 1 trial at Dronfield ,not level 2.(Silly spell checky numbers thingy ma Bobby ).. lol

Thankyou to Kat for inviting me along to judge this level 2 trial.My first visit to this lovely venue.Also a big Thankyou to my runners/scribes on the day,Jude and Emma,you both did a wonderful job.
The weather was kind to us,dry with a slight breeze around the front of the building,where the vehicle and exterior searches took place.
14 teams took part.
Tables chairs
This was set up in the main hall,2 tables and 8 chairs centrally in a square pattern.
The scent was hidden on the furthest away chair from the start line to the right.
12 of the teams finding this with ease.
Excellent displays by,Katie and Perkins in some 19 seconds closely followed home by,Elaine and Pip,Carol and Fell,Jamie and Reggie and Julie and Winter.

The scent was secreted in the front grill under the number plate to the right.
Once again 12 teams were successful ,giving a good display of all round.
Lightening quick here was Jamie Reggie in 11 seconds,hot on their heels also with some lovely searching and handling were,
Sheila and Ginny,Mel and kD,and Carol and Fell,in some 17,19 and 26 seconds respectively.
Lovely to watch also was Charley and Asia,lovely back tracking along the side of the vehicle to source.

Boxes and Luggage
I set up some 14 items in the main hall in equal amounts.
The scent was hidden in the buckle of a black breifcase and placed centrally to the rear of the search area.
A good display all round with 12 of the teams finding the hidden scent with ease,with 8 doing so in under 30 seconds.

I laid out some 14 items for this search.
The 3 items in question being 2 ceiling light fittings,these were placed at the start and at the furthest away point from the start.
The scent was hidden inside a wooden wall clock and placed centrally to the left of the area.
A nice little breeze was carrying the scent plume towards the start line,this enabled several of the dogs to quickly home in and identify the hide fairly quickly.
All 14 teams giving a good showing and finishing the trial on a high.
Some lovely searching and handling here by Katie and Perkins and Jamie and Reggie both finding the hide in 10 seconds.
Shirley and Banjo also worthy of a mention,achieving the find in 7 seconds…

A lovely way to spend a morning watching these up and coming teams,as good a level one standard as I have seen for some time.
I’m sure many will progress through the levels comfortably.
We had some 9 clean sweeps,7 of the teams achieving the full 100 marks.
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners on the day,all finishing in under 2 minutes total.

1…Jamie and Reggie…2…Wendy and Jim…3…Katie and Perkins…4…Carole and Dakota.
I look forward to meeting up,with some,if not all of you at some time in the future.
I wish you all the best in you Scentwork journey.


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