Sat 22 Feb 2020, Cummertrees

Level1: Judge - Maureen berry
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Lesely Anderson - Jake20546.1620527.7204.5103.3420536.9299.5214.12
2Lorna Farish - Stella20526.772057.74204.522.182057.999.564.59
3christine McGeorge - Woody20545.7520518.4820511.4920512.9610088.68
4Lynne Dickson - Orca20528.0220524.5920535.79204.529.0499.5117.44
5Ronnie McAleese - Flora20550.63204.565.720525.9904.547.4279189.74
6Sue Christie - Rika204.557.08204.545.69203.562.3704.551.7977216.93
7Amy Campbell - Baxter204.529.55204.531.8720530.120535.2399126.75
8Lesley Clements - Bear20542.3520524.23204.560204.5151.499277.98
9Jillian Marshall - Humphrey204.539.122057.5520547.8920526.2999.5120.85
10Lynda Crozier - Copper20516.3220511.3104.542.9120558.6979.5129.23
11Isabel Trotter - Basil204.535.1204.535.1920514.09204.541.7598.5126.13

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Yesterday trial was a windy and cold day. Only one casualty due to the weather not being able to come, but better safe than sorry. We started off inside with table and chairs everyone did excellent. Then out side into the cold, we started with the external search, had to find things that weren’t going to blow away but had tent pegs at the ready. Maureen and Helen did well standing in the cold even when it started to hail. We’re a Hardy bunch up Scotland lol. They decided to say out side and do the vehicle search next, since they were out there. The dogs all took it in there stride not put off by the weather. Finally inside for the bag and boxes. They day just seemed to flow nicely. Teams were ready when needed which is a great help. A big thankyou for the home cooked cake and tray bakes Helen and lesley. Also a big thanks to Maureen for judging and coming down from Edinburgh thought some bad weather. Thanks to Helen for scribing, Helen said it was nice to see some off the teams progressing from the last time she scribe. So roll on the next one. We’ll done to everyone

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