Sat 22 Jul 2023, Puppy Plus Training Barn, Newtown

Level 1 and Level 2: Judges - Emma Stoker

Puppy Plus Training Barn, Milford Road, Newtown, SY163HQ

Start: Level 1 – 9.30am, Level 2 – 1.00pm
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Katie Harvey
– Tel: 07890052479

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

A rather changeable day for the trial, with the weather alternating between being sunny, with sudden downpours. This made for some interesting search conditions for the outside searches.

The Level 1 trial ran smoothly, with all competitors qualifying. On the whole, the dogs worked well, and it was lovely to see some first time competitors testing the water with their dogs. The exterior searches proved more challenging in terms of engagement, as the weather was so variable. All in all, a really good experience for all of the dogs. Points were lost for toileting in the search area, and some slightly damaging indications. Things that can easily be rectified with training.

The Level 2 trial was held in the afternoon, and the weather slightly wetter for this. The exterior search proved to be the most challenging as it drizzled throughout this search, which disturbed the ground scent. Some of the dogs found this a challenge. In the table and chairs search the odour was placed on a chair near the back of the right of the tables, and a lamp on the left of the search area. A few dogs were spooked by the lampshade, but went back and indicated well. The odour on the boxes and bags search was placed near to the back of the search area, with the required distance in between. This area, was worked both on and off lead. Some lovely independent searching from some of the dogs in this area. All dogs were successful in the vehicle/wall search, this was the first search we ran, so all the dogs were fresh, and it was before the rain hit too much.

Congratulations to everyone that took part, to everyone that qualified and was placed, and to Pam and Dylan on achieving their excellent!
A couple of dogs indicated on dog odour in the boxes and bags search.

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