Sat 22nd Jun 2019, Blisworth

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Janet Wykes & Nicola Inglis
Level 1

1 Chrissie McCrory – Paddy – 99.9
2 Kate Osborn – Kipling – 99.9
3 Rona Tyson – Merddyn – 99.8
4 Jackie Pywell – Jessie – 99.7
5 Julie Thomas- Sassy – 99.7
6 Natalie Perry – Bella – 99.7
7 Sue Lander – Rolo – 99.6
8 Marie Herridge – Hebe – 98.9
9 Debbie Stuart – Taya – 79.9
10 Christine Williams – Barley – 79.9
11 Val Russell – Del – 79.6
12 Diane Barry – Milo – 79.6
13 Stefanie Healey – Hank – 79.5
14 Kym Salisbury – Rolo – 79.2

Level 3

1 Kym Salisbury – Max – 99.35
2 Emma Conlisk – Smartie – 89.9
3 Rachel Fox – Logan – 89.8
4 Nicola Davis- Timber – 89.45
5 Lorraine Coley – Chester – 89.2
6 Emily Pearson – Oscar – 87.4
7 Jean Payne – Otti – 79.5
8 Clare Simmons- Bentley – 79.4
9 Steve Ward – Elsa – 79.25
10 Ingrid Neale – Teasle – 79.05
11 Collette Guy – Lola – 79

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Chrissie McCrory – Paddy20514204.930205132051699.973
2Kate Osborn – Kipling205232052420514204.95499.9115
3Rona Tyson – Merddyn204.93820538204.93020516599.8271
4Jackie Pywell – Jessie205132058204.920204.88399.7124
5Julie Thomas- Sassy2052920536204.7782053499.7177
6Natalie Perry – Bella204.928204.8146205462051999.7239
7Sue Lander – Rolo20516204.7502058204.95699.6130
8Marie Herridge – Hebe204.92520511205182043698.990
9Debbie Stuart – Taya2051520562052104.91779.959
10Christine Williams – Barley20512205142051804.93179.975
11Val Russell – Del20543204.8362052304.85979.6161
12Diane Barry – Milo04.8672057204.969204.911379.6256
13Stefanie Healey – Hank204.8282051704.830204.95479.5129
14Kym Salisbury – Rolo04.948204.882204.51702051679.2316
Level 3
1Kym Salisbury – Max204.896204.7593205178204.86199.35428
2Emma Conlisk – Smartie2055820549104.91002055189.9258
3Rachel Fox – Logan204.982104.9100205822054689.8310
4Nicola Davis- Timber204.9100204.75232105134204.816089.45626
5Lorraine Coley – Chester20584204.7127104.9180204.613189.2522
6Emily Pearson – Oscar204.7153204.725020425010430087.4953
7Jean Payne – Otti104.941204.960104.964204.88279.5247
8Clare Simmons- Bentley20569104.9107104.53002057579.4551
9Steve Ward – Elsa204.969204.9124104.75216104.75579.25464
10Ingrid Neale – Teasle204.89720547104.75104104.57679.05324
11Collette Guy – Lola204.8103204.812304.9162204.523179619

Janet Wykes

Many thanks to Becky Harris for inviting me to co-judge the level 1 and 3 trials with Nicola Inglis at Blisworth. Special thanks to my scribes Rona, Sarah and Val in the morning, and Emma in the afternoon; and also John, Helen and Diane who all helped ensure the trial ran smoothly and everyone was in the right place at the right time. Thanks also to Val and Emma for their provision of the ‘white’ dogs. I must also make a special mention to an unexpected visit from Sue and Geoff who arrived with ice cream treats to cool down both the competitors and dogs – such a kind gesture.

Level 3

The level 3 trial ran in the morning with eleven teams competing. I took the interior searches and we started with boxes and luggage where both hides were placed in items of luggage. The clove scent was in the straps of a large suitcase towards the back of the room, and the gun oil in a smaller bag close to the start of the search area. Eight out of the eleven teams were successful in locating both finds, and it was lovely to watch so many of the dogs work around the larger suitcase to find the source at the far side of the article. The teams that stood out in this search were Rachel and her tripawd Logan who knocked the gun oil from the start line and took Rachel immediately to the first find; Emma and Smartie who carried out some beautiful searching before Smartie gave a super clear indication on the correct items; and Claire and Bentley who presented a calm and confident search and were a lovely team to watch.

Moving on to the table & chairs and perimeter, most of the teams found both finds, with the perimeter scent (cloves in an upturned colander) sometimes pulling the dogs off the table and chairs and over to the item in the corner of the room. Some of the dogs took a little longer to locate the gun oil on the correct chair, but again we had some lovely searches. Lorraine and Chester demonstrated a lovely search with systematic coverage of the area; and Nicola and Timber provided a lovely display of teamwork with Nicola ensuring she had a clear indication from Timber.

This was a really enjoyable trial to judge and it was great to see Jean and Ottie, Steve and Elsa, Collette and Lola, Ingrid and Teasle, and Emily and Oscar all putting in some lovely searches at this level. A special mention for Oscar who was full of character when off-lead but Emily displayed some lovely handling skills by quietly placing him back on lead and encouraging him nicely to search the items. A great team, keep up the good work.

Overall in level 3 it was lovely to see the teamwork between dogs and handlers really blossoming.

Congratulations to:
Kym and Max – 1st Place. A great team and Max was super focused on the job. A lovely enthusiastic team to watch that also managed a clean sweep
Emma and Smartie – 2nd Place. Great searching and lovely indications from this clever boy
Rachel and Logan – 3rd Place. This boy has an incredible nose and it’s lovely to watch this partnership grow
Nicola and Timber – 4th Place. A lovely partnership and so nice to see Nicola’s commitment rewarded

Level 1

The afternoon level 1 trial had seventeen competitors. This time I had the exterior searches and the conditions were quite challenging for the dogs as it was very warm and sunny, and there were distractions from nearby football matches.

We started with the exterior search and the clove scent was hidden in the handle of a collapsible crate. Sixteen teams found this hide, and most of the competitors chose to know which three possible items the scent might have been hidden in. For a level one competition there were some incredible teams, and very few handling marks were lost in this exercise. Well done to Susanne and Lottie, Stacey and Kylo, Jackie and Jessie, Julie and Sassy, Rona and Merddyn, Debbie and Taya, Diane and Milo, Chris and Barley, Marie and Hebe, Stefanie and Hank, and Kate and Kipling who all got full handling marks in this section. Taya (6 secs), Milo (7 secs) and Jessie (8 secs) also had incredible times.

With the car search, the scent was hidden in the lowest wheel nut of the front passenger side wheel. Again, we had an exceedingly high success rate with sixteen of the teams locating the hide. A special mention here to Sue and Rolo (an incredible 8 secs), Debbie and Taya, Natalie and Bella, Chris and Barley, Marie and Hebe, Kate and Kipling, Chrissie and Paddy, and Val and Del who all carried out lovely searches and got full handling marks. Each team was given a free choice of which way around the car they searched and it was great to see so many of you listen to your dogs (that had often knocked the scent at the front of the car) and allow the dog to dictate which way around the car they should move.

A special mention also to Kym who carried out some great searches. Rolo found the environment a little distracting but Kym worked nicely to focus his attention back onto the searches. Well done.

Congratulations to:
Chrissie and Paddy – 1st Place. This was a delightful team to watch and Paddy worked the finds beautifully
Kate and Kipling – 2nd Place. Some lovely calm searching from this team and nice clear indications
Rona and Merddyn – 3rd Place. A nice partnership in this team, and Rona worked well to keep Merddyn’s attention focused on the search
Jackie and Jessie – 4th Place. Some lovely searches. Jessie has a superb nose so I am sure we will be seeing much more of this team in future placings.

The standard of the teams for level one was extremely high and was reflected in the super scores that you all received. Well done to each and every one of you and I look forward to seeing you all continue to progress on your Scentwork journey.

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