Sat 23rd Mar 2019, Bournheath

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Ellen Lindley & Ali Brannen
Level 1

1st Sarah Ecclestone – Bella – 100
2nd Gabrielle Inglis – Peppa – 100
3rd Penny Harris – Lyra – 100
4th Jane Page – Dinah – 100
5th Rachel Bradley – Jasper – 99.95
6th Deb Atkins – Belle – 99.95
7th Emma Bearman – Alfie – 99.9
8th Rosemary Steen – Harley – 99.6
9th Jen Rose – Mia – 80
10th Rob Warman – Bella – 80
11th Jess Martin – Ruby – 79.9
12th Liz Sollars – Oz – 79.8
13th Deb Atkins – Skyla – 74.5

Level 2

1st Gloria Bonnell – Dylan – 100
2nd Julia Reeves – Dandy – 100
3rd Emma Conlisk – Smartie – 100
4th Peter Jefferies – Coco – 100
5th Gabrielle Inglis – Elli – 99.3
6th Hazell Williamson – Teddy – 90
7th Harry Latusek – Zak – 90
8th Gill Robinson – Sybil – 89.8
9th Many Rigby – Reenie – 89.5
10th Nicola Davis – Timber – 89.15
11th Wendy Hooker – Max – 74.5
12th Alison Deakin – Lola – 74

The weather always has an impact on my Trials at Bournheath because I haven’t got a holding area or anywhere for the competitors and their dogs to wait. However, although slightly on the chilly side, it was bright and everyone seemed happy to chat in the compact car park where, Michelle, my tea and coffee maker, kept everyone well supplied with cake and hot drinks.

Ali Brannen and Ellen Ward Lindley were my superb judges for this Trial and the competitors really appreciated the feedback they got after every search. Many thanks for judging today ladies.

Well done to Sarah & Bella who won 1st place in Level 1 and to Gabrielle and Peppa who took 2nd and an Excellent title. Penny & Lyra came 3rd and also won an Excellent rosette. Congratulations all.

Level 2 was won by Gloria & Dylan and Julia & Dandy took 2nd place. Both of these teams won an Excellent title today. Well done ladies.

Of course, a Trial would not be a successful event without the volunteer help of scribes/ runners and tea and coffee makers. I have a wonderful team of ladies who help out on a regular basis. Lynn and Jackie thank you for scribing, Lisa, a wonderful runner who kept everything running smoothly and managed reactive dogs so efficiently and Michelle for organising the kitchen superbly.

Lastly I would like to thank the dog and handler teams who entered the Trial today. Your dogs were a credit to you and I hope you all enjoyed the event. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. 😊

Karen Denton

Ellen Lindley

When Karen Denton asked me to judge levels 1 & 2 for her earlier in the year I jumped at the chance. I really enjoy being part of a trial, and I find Belbroughton to be a really friendly and supportive environment to be in. Ali Brannen was my co-judge and I can’t thank her enough for agreeing to do all the out-side searches. I really missed the opportunity to watch people do cars and exterior items, but annoyingly I wasn’t 100%.

Lisa Finney was our very organised runner for the day, and Michelle Rodgers kept up all topped up with coffee and cake (possibly making her the most popular person of the day!) Lynn Grice and Jackie Hodge were our wonderful scribes.

I started with tables and chairs and was really pleased by the level of work. I was particularly impressed by some of the lead handling and the willingness to let dogs have a good search and not jump to the conclusion that an investigation is an indication. On the topic of indications a few dogs were demonstrating wonderful passive indications, particularly Harley handled by Rosemary, Dinah handled by Jane and Ruby handled by Jess.
Ultimately this sport is about spending quality time together so something that is lovely to see is when a handler knows their dog is struggling and, ignoring the time on the clock, takes a short break to help their dog refocus – Anne did this beautifully with Ellie.
Three dogs were particularly quick for this search: Rachel with Jasper at 8 seconds, and Liz & Oz and Deb & Skyla both at 10 seconds.

I followed up with boxes and luggage. Again there was some really good lead work here with people keeping a nice, relaxed lead, high above the dog so as not to get in the way.
The team that really stood out for me in this search was Rob with Bella. Bella kept checking in with Rob who gave her a little bit of reassurance and then redirected her back to her search. Superb team work.
Two very speedy teams in this search were Emma and Alfie at 8 seconds and Penny and Lyra at 15 seconds.

Well done to all who took part, enjoyed themselves and learnt something new.
Congratulations to Sarah and Bella for coming first and to Gabrielle and Peppa and Penny and Lyra for obtaining their Excellence rosettes.

After a delightful team lunch we set up for level 2.
I started the afternoon with boxes and luggage and enjoyed watching some more lovely team work. The jump from searching for one item two searching for two is not always an easy one, but it was lovely to see handlers help their dogs through this transition.

While it’s wonderful to let our dogs search off lead, sometimes the decision to put them back on can mean they get the support and guidance from us they really need. Well done to both Harry with Zack and Nicola with Timber for doing this.
Two teams were particularly quick in this search – Julia and Dandy with 35 seconds and Gabrielle and Ellie with 39 seconds.

Table and chairs with perimeter was next and this brought with it some fantastic knocks from a few dogs. Peter with Coco and Gloria with Dylan both noticed their dogs knock while searching one area and redirect to another – in both cases the handlers let their dogs work with great success.
Wendy with Max deserves a particular mention in this search as Max struggles with people he doesn’t know in the room. For him to manage to concentrate and find both items in only just over 2 minutes was wonderful to watch.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. You have all taught me a lot today and I felt very grateful to be a part of your day.
Congratulations to everyone, especially Gloria and Dylan for their win and Excellence rosette and Julia and Dandy for their Excellence rosette.

I look forward to seeing you all at future trials.

Many thanks to Karen for not only inviting me but for running a smooth and well organised trial.

Ali Brannen

Level 1

First off I would like to thank Karen Denton for asking me to judge for her, also my scribes Lyn and Jackie, our runner Lisa, Michelle who kept me fuelled in coffee and my fellow Judge Ellen Ward Lindley. A white dog was run over all search areas.

I was tasked with the outside areas for this trial which as the weather was so nice was a pleasure to be in the sun. So we started with the exterior search. The scent was hidden on a toy truck at the back of the search area and competitors were given the choice of the 3 items it could possibly be. This search proved very successful with 14/15 dogs being successful. There were some lovely teams and the handling was of a very high standard. Some of the successful teams were Rachel Bradley & Jasper, Jen Rose & Mia, Liz Sollars & OZ, Rob Warman & Bella (Rob almost called to early but decided he was only rearranging his hair – Well Saved), Deb Atkins & Belle, Emma Bearman & Alfie (a very fast and committed spaniel), Lorraine Coley & Poppy (Poppy made mum work for it), Jane Page & Dinah and Deb Atkins & Skyla.

It was then time for the vehicle search, the scent was hidden on a front wheel, just around a wheel nut. Again 14/15 dogs were successful with a very high standard of handling. Some of the successful teams were Penny Harris & Lyra, Jess Martin & Ruby, Anne Johnstone & Ellie, Sarah Eccleston & Bella, Rosemary Steen & Harley and Gabrielle Inglis & Peppa. This search posed no real problems for the teams and some very quick times were set.

On conclusion, the trial was a success. It’s always good to see dogs and handlers working well together, all dogs showed a really high standard of going to source and the passive indications were very impressive. I look forward to seeing you all again in the future.

Level 2

Thank you to Karen Denton for asking me to Judge her level 2 trial. Also thanks to my scribes Lyn & Jackie, Michelle who fuelled me with coffee and my co judge Ellen Ward Lindley. A white dog was run over all 4 search areas.

I was tasked with the outside searches, which as the weather was so lovely was a real pleasure. We started with the exterior search, the scent was hidden on a bike rack at the front of the search area and a dog bowl (new) at the back of the search area. 8/12 dog were 100% successful, with only 4 dogs finding just the 1 item. Successful teams were Hazell Williamson & Teddy, Gloria Bonnell & Dylan, Nicola Davis & Timber, Harry Latusek & Zack, Julia Reeves & Dandy, Emma Conlisk & Smartie, Gabrielle Inglis & Elli & Peter Jeffries & Coco. Some lovely team work was shown in guiding the dogs round the area and some great indications from some of the teams.

Then it was the vehicle search, the 1st scent was hidden on the rear wheel of the first car and the 2nd scent was on the front wheel of the 3rd car. 10/12 were 100% successful, with only 2 dogs finding just one scent. Some lovely work from Peter Jeffries & Coco, Gill Robinson & Sybill, Wendy Hooker & Max, Mandy Rigby & Reenie, Hazell Williamson & Teddy, Emma Conslick & Smartie, Gloria Bonnell & Dylan & Julia Reeves & Dandy. Alison Deakin & Lola seemed to struggle a little outside, but were very successful indoors. Well done everyone.

On conclusion it was yet another successful trial, with some lovely handling from some of the teams along with some very clear indications from the dogs. A few of the teams I have judged before so it was nice to see the improvements as they progress and gain more confidence in their searches. Well done everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all in the future.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1stSarah Ecclestone – Bella205282059205162054010093
2ndGabrielle Inglis – Peppa20525205252053220540100122
3rdPenny Harris – Lyra20559205122054620515100132
4thJane Page – Dinah20514205352055220558100159
5thRachel Bradley – Jasper2058204.9531205402052399.95102
6thDeb Atkins – Belle20553204.9561205332054999.95196
7thEmma Bearman – Alfie2053020527204.924205899.989
8thRosemary Steen – Harley204.754920528204.85762055699.6209
9thJen Rose – Mia052020519205262053580100
10thRob Warman – Bella053620511205422053080119
11thJess Martin – Ruby205640566204.9802052579.9235
12thLiz Sollars – Oz20510204.9382053704.91779.8102
13thDeb Atkins – Skyla205102009804.5702053074.5208
Level 2
1stGloria Bonnell – Dylan20537205332053920550100159
2ndJulia Reeves – Dandy20597205552058320535100270
3rdEmma Conlisk – Smartie20567205712056720571100276
4thPeter Jefferies – Coco2053920548205107205119100313
5thGabrielle Inglis – Elli20517204.852204.5932053999.3201
6thHazell Williamson – Teddy1052520549205822055190207
7thHarry Latusek – Zak205672051321057420510490377
8thGill Robinson – Sybil20575104.873205842055289.8284
9thMany Rigby – Reenie204.75881052820533204.7510689.5255
10thNicola Davis – Timber20553204.573204.9248104.7514989.15523
11thWendy Hooker – Max2051231007820577104.518074.5458
12thAlison Deakin – Lola204.7594100114104.5300204.756574573

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