Sat 23rd Nov 2019, Poulton Le Fylde

Levels 3 & 4: Judge - Wendy Coulson
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Gill Douglas & Root20577.6205125.320534.320552100289.2
2Cath Sedon & Reaper204.9167.6104.5300204.7166.7204.87488.9708.3
3Chris Bennett & Santi20565.2104.995104.7182.920510579.6448.1
4Sue Taylor & Spring204.8133.820552.6204.917404.87679.5436.4
5Jean Tomkinson & Neah20570.5104.9103104.5102.1204.914879.3423.6
Level 4
1Cath Seddon & Dana104.895.2104.8155.1204.725020558.479.3558.7
2Jenny Dyer & Jethro104.8120104.7186204.614720599.479.1552.4
3Christine Cummins & Teasel104.595.7104.792.3204.8127.3204.944.378.9359.6

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judges Report

Thank you to Felicity for inviting me to judge levels 3/4 and thanks to Hazel for scribing and Jill for organising everyone.
Level 3 was first and although not everyone qualified I witnessed some fantastic teamwork.
The vehicle search was first and I found it very interesting that everybody started searching the car directly opposite the start cones. Nobody used the wind to their advantage. The scents were hidden on the second and third vehicle, one in a wheel nut and the other in the drivers door seam. Well done to the teams that found both scents, Gill and Root finding them in record time, fantastic teamwork.
The exterior search was next with the scents hidden in a tennis bat and in the end of a plastic pole. Several of you had difficulty in finding the one in the pole due to pulling or directing your dogs past it. Sue, Spring did a lovely indication on the pole, with her stained head (grass roll.) Chris I loved the way you said to Santi at the start have a sniff first and allowed her to do so. Gill you very quickly identified that Root was not quite on source of the scent in the pole and said that’s not very certain allowing your dog to work the scent indicating on the right end, amazing work well done. Vicky, Kaizer did so well searching until virtually the last second, finding both scents. Unfortunately you made it so hard for him getting in his way. He showed interest in the pole several times and had to work round you. Be careful of overcrowding.
Next was boxes and bags, both scents hidden in boxes. A couple of you didn’t trust your dogs and didn’t call the second find. Vicky much better handling having taken on board feedback from the previous exercise, well done. Jean you had previously been so nervous but was much more relaxed and yourself and Neah worked very well together. Bandit what can I say, you had a ball- so enthusiastic.
Finally, tables and chairs/ perimeter one scent hidden on a chair and the other on a speaker.The majority of teams found both scents and some of you were very quick.
It was very apparent that you had all previously trained hard and whilst some where more experienced than others, all of you have great potential. Onwards and Upwards.
Well done everyone especially those who qualified and to Gill and Root who not only came first but also achieved their excellence.

Wendy Coulson

Level 4

Four competitors for this level.

We started with the vehicle search, both scents being on the second vehicle of three, one on the towbar and the other in the seam of the rear door. Christine you were the only one who made mention of the wind. Both Teasel and Jethro found both scents, well done. David unfortunately William was distracted and very excitable, running out of time, albeit he did find one scent, well done. Cath, Dana found the scent in the towbar well done. You searched the red car systematically and very thoroughly perhaps to the detriment of the other two. Perhaps Dana would have found the second scent with a little bit more direction.
Some of the dogs were jumping up at the side of the vehicles which was reflected in the handling marks.
Next was the exterior search, one scent in a luggage rack and one in a sink. Jenny, Jethro was amazing 11 seconds and found the first. David I was pleased that you listened to my advice following the first search and worked William on a lead. He did find one scent and was less distracted, but unfortunately wasn’t searching most of the time. William would have benefited by more guidance from yourself. The distraction scents toothpaste and shampoo did not pose any issues and all of your dogs worked round them, well done.
Tables, chairs and perimeter was next, both scents hidden on the perimeter and the distraction scents on chairs. All of your dogs found one scent and worked past the distraction scents, well done. It was apparent that not everyone was aware that both scents could be on the perimeter.
The final search was boxes and bags, boxes used for both scents. Unfortunately one of the dogs did urinate on a bag, however handlers were very apt at working past the area ensuring their dogs were not distracted. Cath, lovely indication by Dana and excellent work by Christine and Jenny, their dogs finding both scents.
Well done everyone In particular Christine who achieved her excellence award and had to work hard for it. Sorry Christine maybe your friend will be better staying at home next time.
Good luck to you all in future trials.

Wendy Coulson

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