Sat 25 Feb 2023, Stithians

Levels 1 & 4: Judges - L1 Jackie Lawer, L4 Denise Pile

Stithians Centre, Church Road, Stithians, Truro TR3 7DH

Start: L1: 10 am / L4: 12.30 estimate tbc
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Denise Pile / Jackie Lawer

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

All of you did very well and although nearly all the dogs took an interest in an old veg steamer in the table/chairs and perimeter most of you realised the dogs were just exploring it and not indicating on it. On the wall search you again were all very good and there were some really good double takes as the dogs suddenly caught the scent when they were heading for a wheel that was quite close, I thought a couple of you was going to call on that wheel but you held your nerve and waited for the dogs to work their way along the wall and considering how windy it was they did really well. None of you had any trouble with the Boxes and Luggage or the exterior. I am going to have to make the searches harder in future you are all so darn good!

We had a bright sunny morning for our Level 1 trial in Cornwall, however, the wind was very cold! It caused some issues with the vehicle search, where the scent was in the plastic grill at the front of the van. The scent was blowing back under the vehicle and a couple of dogs tried to get to it by creeping underneath the van! Sarah and Ronnie managed a find in just over 20 seconds, which was impressive considering the conditions, and Lynn and Enya and Hilary and Rosie managed under 1 minute.
We then ran the Container search, where the item was placed under the flap of a large, flat cardboard box. It took Chloe and Sass just 16 seconds to find this one, a great result for this young spaniel at her first trial! Most dogs found this relatively easily, although some needed to come in from the other direction to pinpoint the scent. Poor Rosie was worried by the floor but did incredibly well in her outside searches.
In the exterior search, the scent was placed under the top rim of a small tyre. Sass and Niche both took their handlers straight there in about 10 seconds flat! All teams were successful in this area and the times were good, a lot depended on where the handler started the search from along the side of the astroturf.
Jude and Sky were the quickest team here in 20 seconds, quickly followed by Lynn and Enya. The scent was under a chair at the end of a square set up of two large tables and all the dogs found the scent in well under a minute, little Sass even managing to indicate from her position standing on the chair!
It was lovely to watch all these teams and Sarah and Ronnie were very consistent and worthy winners. Congratulations and well done to everyone for working so well. Your trainer will be pleased to know how many of you were ensuring the dog was indicating properly before releasing them.

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