Sat 25 Jun 2022, Orton Waterville

Level 6: Judge - Justine Steele

Village Hall, Glebe Avenue, Orton Waterville, Peterborough. PE25EN

Start: 0930
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Justine Steele

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Interior 1 (large storage room/lockers) – 3x minutes 4x target scents
1. Gun oil (1cm cube of sponge) – crate left-hand corner.
2. Truffle (1/4 of cotton pad) – keyhole of white mini cupboard
3. Gun oil (1/2inch cotton sock)- framework of metal shelving 3 inches off floor.
4. Clove (half cocktail stick) in label housing on locker.

The hard one in this area had to be the gun oil on some sponge in the black metal crate. Proving to be difficult to find without specific tasking despite being quite open as it was very low on floor and I think the carrier held onto the scent more so than perhaps less porous carrier material. However, later teams seemed to have more success!
A very busy area to search and perhaps difficult for the handlers of the dogs that moved freely back and forth. Some teams searched some parts numerous times & were less thorough in others.

Exterior (‘L’ shaped linear search + 1x vehicle) – 4x minutes 4x target scents
1. Truffle (1 cm² Velcro) – underneath of metal window guard.
2. Clove (cotton pillow case) – above right-hand hinge double door.
3. Truffle (Filter tip) – crack near the floor to the left of double door.
4. Gun oil (1/2inch cotton sock) – Seal of bumper below and to the left of registration plate.

The hard find in this search could’ve been a high hide on the window guard! However the two teenies Magic and Missy were superb in nailing the source. (With some relief for me!!)
The other potentially tricky one could have been the truffle that was located close to Clove and could have been over ridden somewhat, but again as this search area progressed teams were finding this particular scent more quickly. It was mostly very warm and at times very blustery which provided very different experiences for different teams.

Interior 2 (Interior hall perimeter + alcoves ) – 4x minutes 4x target scents
1. Gun oil (1 cm cotton ball) – low skirting board hole on ‘out’ corner between serving hatch & window
2. Truffle (filter tip) – L/Hside wall heater
3. Truffle (Velcro) – hole in frame of metal chair holder.
4. Clove(Velcro) – Under wall heater R/Hside.

The final area I believe had the hardest hide of the day as it was almost in the floor in a sneaky little hole on an ‘out’ corner of the skirting board. Indeed only on fire Mac & Mandy were able to locate altho myself & Corinne(scribe) watched with baited breath as a few came close!
So interesting again for myself and Corinne to see these searches, many talking points!!

Thank you for travelling to our Peterborough trials, the Just Dogs team care about your experience and I’m so lucky to get the support from my wonderful volunteers, in this case today… Nikki and Corinne.
Good luck in the future… happy sniffing…

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