Sat 26 Feb 2022, Chalfont St Giles

Levels 1 & 4: Judges - Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell

Chalfont St Giles Memorial Hall, School Lane, Chalfont St Giles, HP8 4JJ

Start: 10AM (L1) & 2PM (L4)
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Laura Ward

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Firstly, I would like to thank Laura for inviting me to judge Level 1 & Level 4 today, along with my co judge my dear friend Harry Latusek. I was made to feel very welcome by Laura and the lovely entrants. I’d also like to thank my two scribes.
I was tasked to do the outside searches for Level 1 and managed to get into the warm for the inside searches in Level 4.
Exterior Search
I laid out 12 items or various shapes and sizes, most took the opportunity to know which 3 items the scent was placed. The scent was situated in one of the corners on a crate at the bottom right side of the area. Nearly everyone alerted on the item although there were a few hesitant callers, but that improves with experience. Over all some excellent handling from some very nervous handlers.
Vehicle Search
I then moved onto vehicle search. The scent was placed under a plastic cover on the tow bar which had holes in so plenty of circulation of air for the scent. Some of the handlers concentrated on the side and front of the car and kept by passing the back. A couple of dogs went straight for the tow bar but the handlers moved them on, but fortunately came back to the scent and called it. A couple ran out of time. Most covered the car well and a couple went straight to source and the confident handlers called it gaining good time, well done Natalie Tracey and Henry, wasted no time getting onto scent and calling find.
Congratulations to the qualifiers and rosette winners as follows.
1st Alison Brook & Hugo
2nd Bettina Colliver & Tor
3rd Natalie Tracey & Henry
4th Leanne Albone & Jasper

Then after a short lunch we moved onto Level 4.


Tables & Chairs

I placed the tables and chairs in a zig zag with one table slightly forward to the other, there were 8 chairs placed around the 2 tables. The scent was on the top leg of the nearest chair as the handlers came through start to the right which was Gun Oil. There were items around perimeter, 1 with one distraction of shampoo which was on a toy to the left as handlers entered start, only one dog indicated on the distraction. Cloves was on a drill to the top left of the room.
We only had 4 dogs find both scents, they missed the cloves in the drill. All dogs found the Gun Oil on the chair, only one dog failed to find both scents, just not switched on today. I must just mention Ruth Payton & Mint, Ruth having had a knee operation and had to use a stick, but Mint wasted no time in searching the area and finding both scents for Ruth to call find – well done to you both.

Boxes & Luggage

I placed out 15 items, varying between boxes and luggage, the distraction scent was shampoo and was on a box nearest to the start to the left. No one called on the distraction scent. Cloves was in a pink duffle bag, on the handle, being placed to the left of the search area half way up the hall. The Gun Oil was on a shopping bag to the back right of the search area on the extended part of the zip. I’m delighted to say every dog found both scents, so well done to you all. Well done Jane Powell & Dillion for finding both scents in excellent time.

Well done to all the qualifiers and the rosette winners as follows.
1st Rebecca Grant & Marvel
2nd Rose Hart & Nyanga
3rd Ruth Payton & Mint
4th Helen Soper & Toby

I thank you again for a lovely day spent with you all, and I look forward to watching your lovely dogs again in the future.

Gloria Bonnell

Thankyou Laura for inviting me back to Chalfont St Giles to judge your level 1 and 4 trials alongside my good friend and co judge Gloria Bonnell.Also a big Thankyou to my scribes,Helen and Laura,you both did a great job.A white dog was used prior to all searches taking place.I was tasked with judging the interior searches in level 1.

I laid out some 12 items,made up boxes/luggage and bags.
The cloves scent was hidden in the flap of a black bag which I placed centrally at its furthest away point from the start line.
A bit of a mixed bag here with only 6 of the 13 teams successfully finding the hidden scent.Several of the dogs preferring to search around the perimeter and stage area.
Despite this,there was some good searching by the dogs that did give their full attention to the task in hand.A special mention here to,Alison and Hugo and Bettina and Tor,finding the scent in some 7 and 22 seconds respectively.

2 tables were laid out in a square pattern with 8 chairs surrounding same.I hid a cloves scent underneath the nearest chair on the left hand side from the start.
A much better display all round,with all of the 13 teams finding the hidden scent.
Some excellent searching by the majority,but a special mention to,Jackie and Bailey,Alison and Hugo,completing the task in 23 seconds, closely followed by Natalie and Henry and Bettina and Tor in 30 and 33 seconds.
Overall some excellent handling by the majority of teams over the interior searches I judged.
A little extra practice required by some,in keeping your dogs attention focused on the search area in hand.

My congratulations gonthe the eventual 4 rosette winners on the day….1..Alison and Hugo…2..Bettina and Tor…3..Natalie and Henry….4..Leanne and Jasper…

I wish you all the very best in your future trials…

Following a short lunch break I moved on to judging the exterior searches in the level 4 trial…
The sun had put his hat on and Mr wind had come to visit.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

In this search,1 vehicle was used and the length of wall along the front of the building,which included an alcove,drainpipes and a double doorway.
I secreted the gun oil scent in the centre gap of the double door approx 30cm/12” from ground level.The cloves scent I hid in the surrounding brickwork of a down pipe.
9 of the 11 teams found both scents comfortably.
Although I witnessed some lovely searching/handling ,I was surprised at the number of handlers that decided to search around the vehicle several times,before moving onto the wall.
None the less,excellent handling/searching by Helen and Toby,58 secs,Rose and Nyand,72 secs and Kelly and Rosie,83 secs.

This search area was sited at the front of the hall,fairly open to the elements,a lovely cold breeze to be exact.14 items were laid out.
The gun oil scent was hidden in the handle of a household fire extinguisher and placed front left of the search area.The cloves scent was tucked into the handle of a set of car jump leads and placed towards the rear left of the area.Distraction scents of coffee and almond were used and were hidden inside 2 household smoke alarms,they were placed to the right and rear of the area.
6 of the 11 partaking teams found both with ease,with 4 teams identifying one.We had 3 false alerts on the almond oil.
It was a pleasure to watch some lovely handling by the majority of teams.A special mention to,Carole and Barney,showing everyone the way in some 30 seconds,closely followed by Rebecca and Marvel in some 40 seconds.

Despite a little chill in the air I enjoyed my days judging at Chalfont.It was lovely to meet up with some old faces, and a few new ones to boot.A pleasure to judge these lovely upcoming teams.I am sure they will all transpire to greater heights.

My congratulations go to the 4 eventual rosette winners…1..Rebecca and Marvel…2..Rose and Nyanja…3..Ruth and Mint…4..Helen and Toby…
Good luck to you all, and I hope to meet up with some,if not all of you,at sometime in the future.

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