Sat 26th Jan 2019, Aldingbourne

Levels 2 & 4: Judges - Nicola Davis & Janet Wykes
Level 2

1st Anne Francis – Buddy – 99.9
2nd Rachel Massey – Lola – 99.9
3rd Richard Purnell -Ziggy – 99.8
4th Mark Phillips – Kibo – 99.7
5th Jane Ellis – Febe – 99.4
6th Deborah Palmer – Majic – 89.75
7th Geoff Symes – Jazz – 89.75
8th Nicola Davis – Timber – 89.7
9th Siam Corbin – Ossie – 89.6
10th Naomi Sullivan – Buddy – 89.55
11th Sue Roberton – Ruby – 89.5
12th Becca Gray – Leo – 89.05
13th Angela Edwards – Woody – 89
14th Tina Kavallierou – George – 88.8
15th Chris Boreham – Bella – 88.45
16th Adele Grainger – Lexi – 79.5
17th Lara Maskell – Callie – 79.35
18th Dina Pink – Bella – 79.1

Level 4

1st Becky Layphries – Reba – 99.7
2nd Denise Pile – Butty – 89.25
3rd Marianne Mason- Rory – 75.5

Janet Wykes (Inside judge for level 2)

Many thanks to Jennie Dean for inviting me to judge the level 2 trial at Sussex County Dog Training, in Aldingbourne. This is a superb venue and with 18 competitors and a great support team this trial ran very efficiently. A special thanks to Catherine and Becky who were my scribes for the day and all the runners who made sure everything ran smoothly. Jennie was extremely kind for my inaugural judging experience and afforded me the luxury of the two indoor searches.

We started off with the boxes and luggage – the least favourite search for many competitors. Several of the teams unfortunately did miss one find but often this appeared to be down to some early nerves that meant they didn’t quite believe some of the more subtle indications from their dogs. It was lovely to watch Ziggy (with Richard) find the right box and track the source beautifully to the correct corner. In the table and chairs and perimeter search, everyone seemed more relaxed and there was plenty of great handling with the majority of the teams finding both scents. The air flow in the hall resulted in a lot of dogs knocking the scent on the adjacent chair but it was great to see so many of you handle your dogs beautifully and wait for them to work to source. Deborah and Majic were a perfect example of this.

Overall, in first place, were Anna and Buzzy. Some lovely quiet handling and very thorough searching from this team. Buzzy was a lovely calm dog to watch and clearly knew what was required. Well done.

In second place we had Rachel and Lola. Again we had two lovely searches and it was great to see Lola pick up the scent from the jug and track this beautifully. Rachel and Lola also achieved their excellence at this level so a great day for this team.

In third place was Richard and Ziggy. Ziggy was full of energy and showed lots of enthusiasm for the boxes! He was handled really well by Richard and this team was so much fun to watch.

Fourth place went to Mark and Kibo who again worked all the finds beautifully. Kibo was a little distracted by the environment & noises early on on in the first search, but Mark worked through this quietly and really showed off the teamwork that this pair had.

I hope you all enjoyed the day as much as I did. There were so many lovely teams and I look forward to seeing you all progress on your scentwork journey. Janet Wykes

Jennie Dean (Exterior Judge for both Level 4 and 2)

We started the day with the level 4 Vehicle search, First in where Becky and Reba who really set the standard for this area. Some lovely searching from all handlers despite a couple of distracted dogs. I did however feel there were a few too many paws on vehicles for this level. As there were only 5 competitors we quickly moved on to the exterior search. We were trying a new location in our astroturf paddock for this trial and I felt it went very well. A few dogs false alerted on the vanilla scent but overall most teams found at least one scent. Level 4 is the most challenging level and all teams did exceptional well today, you should all be very proud regardless of if you passed or not.

1st (and Excellent title) – Becky and Reba – The only clean sweep of this level, a well deserved win and excellent title with a near perfect score, not easy to achieve at this level!

2nd – Denise and Butty – Butty is a fabulously enthusiastic girl, eager to please and quick to locate the scent. This team will go ↕️

3rd – Marianne and Rory – Marianne did a fantastic job of handling a very distracted Rory on the exterior searches, his hunting drive got the better of him both searches but Marianne kept her cool and managed to find both scents on the vehicles.

On to the level 2 and we started with the exterior this time. A few dogs were excited by this new area but most worked it very well with every team finding both scents. We had a quick lunch break then moved onto the vehicle search. The wind had picked up by this point and a few teams struggled to understand how this would effect the scent but once again everyone managed to find both scents. We had 100% pass rate at this level which just shows the quality of this field of competitors. Well done to all the teams.

1st – Anne and Buzzy – Buzzy is a lovely methodical collie. He quietly gets the job done with no fuss. Really lovely to see and well deserved winners.

2nd (and Excellent Title) – Rachel and Lola – Rachel does a good job of containing Lola’s natural enthusiasm, great team that are more than ready to take on level 3.

3rd – Richard and Ziggy – Ziggy is a natural, and Richard really understands when to let him do his job and when he needs a bit of help. great team for the future.

4th – Mark and Kibo – Kibo is a very driven collie and Mark has done a great job of working her through this. Lovely to see it pay off today with a clean sweep and a 4th place. Plenty to come from them

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us today we hope you enjoyed your day.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1stAnne Francis – Buddy205622053920586204.95499.9241
2ndRachel Massey – Lola2053020517205155204.99699.9298
3rdRichard Purnell -Ziggy20571204.98820538204.910899.8305
4thMark Phillips – Kibo2054420538204.8149204.99799.7328
5thJane Ellis – Febe20544204.673204.923204.910899.4248
6thDeborah Palmer – Majic20563204.953020559104.83889.75190
7thGeoff Symes – Jazz20549204.954520564104.88489.75242
8thNicola Davis – Timber10515320551204.857204.96489.7325
9thSiam Corbin – Ossie20577204.9548204.7599104.93589.6259
10thNaomi Sullivan – Buddy20552204.8553204.8160104.93689.55301
11thSue Roberton – Ruby20570204.899204.8129104.97789.5375
12thBecca Gray – Leo20594204.346204.9557104.811989.05316
13thAngela Edwards – Woody20534204181205591058389357
14thTina Kavallierou – George104.98220468205147204.95088.8347
15thChris Boreham – Bella204.972204.9534204.618910412888.45423
16thAdele Grainger – Lexi20537205148204.716004.84079.5385
17thLara Maskell – Callie10577204.7555204.8127104.814279.35401
18thDina Pink – Bella204.9185204.7532059004.522979.1557
Level 4
1stBecky Layphries – Reba20564204.75161204.951382056299.7425
2ndDenise Pile – Butty104.5144204.9543204.8872056989.25343
3rdMarianne Mason- Rory20513302.53002032522057875.5763

Another fabulous Scentwork trial today. Thanks to our judges Nicola Davis and Janet Wykes and all our helpers Sarah, Rachel, Helen, Catherine, Becky and Jamie. Level 4 this morning with 3/5 The qualifying and then we have 18 in the level 2 with 100% pass rate. Congratulations everyone! You should all be very proud.

Sussex County Dog Training, Park Farm, Hook Lane, Aldingbourne, PO20 3TL

9 am for Level 4, 12 noon for level 2. Subject to change
Entry Fees: £24 per dog.
Contact: Jennie Dean 07780 458583
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