Sat 27 Aug 2022, Perranwell Station

Level 3: Judge - Debra Cassidy

Perranwell Centre, School Hill, Perranwell Station TR3 7JU

Start: 10 am
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Jackie Lawer

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

As always it is a pleasure to be invited to Perranwell Station to judge. The weather was on our side and not too hot, no rain and very slight breeze. As always thanks to all the helpers and to Lisa who scribed for me.

As a judge and as a competitor the jump to level 3 is not to be underestimated with the introduction of a new scent and no clock stopping after the first find, Teams today were at various stages of their scent journey, some choosing to reward after the first find and other to carry on; and it was good to see some handlers resetting their dogs to settle them back into the search. At the end of the day we want our dogs to enjoy their searching.

Competitors always ask where the clove and gun oil were hidden. I try to remember to tell teams so I will include it here. Tables, chairs (Clove) and perimeter (gun oil) Exterior items lamp shade (clove) plastic boxes (gun oil) Containers and luggage – brown box (gun oil) and hair dryer box (clove) and finally vehicles – silver car (clover) blue care (gun oil).

Some of the searches involved the dogs problem solving and it was a joy to watch dogs tracking back to sources, those head movements when the caught odour and went back all took place today. Some attempted to get to the source the long way round, with Margaret and Teddy decided to try and crawl under the car, but still came 3rd overall.

Janet’s whoop of joy on the final fine saw a lovely day of searching for Teddy who worked well and a well deserved 2nd place.

Of course I need to mention Gill and Satchmo who kept calm, ( I could see the nerves) and carried on to gain a hard earned 4th place.

Jenna with Bonnie, a calm labrador who has such a calm systematic search was a well deserved winner.

Well done to all teams, with everyone qualifying. I trust you took away something from the searches as every trail is different and all a learning curve.

Keep sniffing

A big thank you to Debra Cassidy for judging for us today. She set some good searches with enough challenges to make it interesting. I thought it was nice to have a 3 vehicle search – we seem to nearly always include a wall nowadays!
As ever, my thanks to everyone else who helped out (especially with the triffid-esque brambles!) and the competitors for being a happy bunch, who seemed to enjoy the pleasant warm weather with a nice gentle breeze.

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