Sat 28 May 2022, Slitting Mill

Levels L2 and L4: Judges - Harry Latusek

Slitting Mill Victory Hall, Slitting Mill Road, Rugeley, WS15 2US

Start: 0915 and 1230
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Kate Wilkes

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 4 Slitting Mill,Saturday,28th,May..
Following a short lunch I commenced with judging the level.
Boxes and Luggage
14 items were laid out in the the main hall,made up of equal amounts of boxes and bags/cases.
The gun oil and cloves scents were concealed under the clips of 2 large handbags, these were placed on the left and right of the search area.The two distraction scents,coffee and vanilla were hidden within 2 haversacks.
This tested the teams with only 5 of the 9 finding both scents.
Excellent handling and searching by Julie and Jess,Also lovely indications shown by,Rachael and Esme and Kate and Talie.

This took place on the patio area at the rear of the building.The cloves scent was tucked into a pipe attached to a hand pump and placed immediately left of start,the gun oil was concealed in part of a black car roof luggage bar and sited central within the area.Tea and shampoo distractions were used and concealed within 2 smoke alarms.
7 of the 9 teams found both scents with reasonable ease.Only one calling on the tea distraction.Kate and Tali showing the way home in some 33 seconds,closely followed by Laura and Jax and Julie and Jess,in 39 and 43 seconds respectively.

Tables/chairs and perimeter
2 tables and 8 chairs were laid out in the hall forming an L shape.Almond distraction was hidden under the 1st chair,left of the start line.Several items were laid out around the perimeter,the distraction scent of coffee was hidden inside a wooden cable reel, and placed on the floor to the right.
A cloves scent was tucked into the skirting board,in the corner to the left and furthest from the start line.Some 2 metres away to the right ,the gun oil scent was also tucked into the skirting board at the bottom of the fire door exit.This hide was to prove the most difficult of the 2 for some of the teams,with some of the handlers actually calling or leading their dogs away from this one,resulting in only 3 of the teams correctly identifying
both scents.Only 1 calling on the coffee distraction.
Excellent display by Hayley and Seb finding both in 19 seconds.Julie and Jess hot on their heels once again,
and another good display by Jo and Brock,of lead.

Moving back outside into the lovely sunshine,3 vehicles were lined up close to the hedgerow to the left of the main building.
The 1st vehicle from the start was left clear.
The gun oil scent was hidden under the sill between the drivers door and front wheel of the 2nd vehicle,the cloves scent likewise on the 3 rd
1 team withdrew from the trial leaving 8 to perform the vehicle search.
5 of the teams were successful here giving a good account of themselves,and looking fairly comfortable with the surroundings of twigs,leaves and hedgerow.
Excellent searching by Kate and Tali, of lead in some 83 seconds.good displays and also worthy of note were,Rachael and Esme,Jo and Bock,Hayley and Seb and full marks for peceverance go to Julie and Jess….

Some lovely handling and searching shown by the majority of teams throughout all of the searches.A pleasure to judge you all.
My congratulations go to the rossette winners on the day…..
1…Julie and Jess(100)…Hayley and Seb(99.65)…3…Kate and Tali(90)…4…Rachael and Esme(90).

Thankyou to Kate for inviting me back to Slitting Mill to judge a level 2 and 4 trial.A big Thankyou also to my scribes on the day,Helen and Ceres and not forgetting my helper in level 2 with,Patsy.
A lovely warm day with little or no breeze.
A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.

Level 2
Tables and chairs
Tables/chairs were set out in the normal square pattern with some 8 articles placed around the exterior of the hall.
The scents were hidden under the furthest away chair to the right of the start line, and in a plastic kiddies toy, which was placed at the start of the perimeter area to the left.
A good start to the day with some 8 of the 10 competing teams find both scents.To note here were Kelly and Data,finding both in 31 seconds.Katie with Luna holding her nerve on the chairs, and waiting until Luna settled on the correct chair.
This search was conducted along the wall situated at the side of the building, and 1 vehicle at the far end of the search area was included.
1 scent was hidden a few inches from ground level approx 2 metres in from start.The hide on the vehicle was placed on the front right grill.
A good display from all teams finding both.Katie and Luna and Sue and Delphine showing us the way in 31 seconds,closely followed by Ceres and Alphie.
I laid out some 12 boxes and luggage.Placing the scents in the buckle of a black breifcase to the left of the search area, the other in a box to the far right.
9 of the teams finding both with ease.All dogs working extremely well.Worthy of note were,Wesley and December,Joanne and Milo,Katie and Luna and Sue and Delphi.
This paved area is at the rear of the building,adjoining a grassed area lined with trees/bushes.
I laid out 12 items.The scents were hidden in a foot pump and part of a metal car roof rack.
7 of the teams finding both with relative ease.The others finding one.
Well done Wesley,who held his nerve and called the correct article after December was showing lots of interest in a helmet.Excellent searching and good indications shown by Data,leaving Kelly in no doubt where the scents were hidden.Also worthy of note here were,Brenda and Maggy Joanne and Milo and Sue and Delphi.
A good display by all teams taking part,it was my pleasure to judge you..
My congratulations go to the eventual rosette winners….1…Brenda and Maggy…2…Sue and Delphi…3…Ceres and Alphie…4…Kelly and Data.
I wish you all the best in your future trials, and hope to meet up with some of you,if not all at sometime in the future.

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