Sat 29 Feb 2020, Rubery

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell
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A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
11449 Sue Ellis & Delphi20519.062058520544204.9528.7599.95176.81
21583 Rachel Williams & Finch20528.75204.8142205452053199.8246.75
31514 Lynne White & Alize204.7564.5204.998204.935204.9518.8799.5216.37
41593 Anita Owen & Jim204.555.62051520535204.9537.7599.45143.35
51516 Ellen Lindley & Jack204.75114.1220013420537204.691.3194.35376.43
61155 Dawn Tranter & Chance20519.1904.9602058320523.5779.9185.76
71621 Amanda Mundell & Farley04.7514.18204.9549205282051279.7103.18
81724 Rachel Stephenson & Dude204.9523.81204.848204.9970535.1279.65203.93
91389 Lynn Grice & Badger204.9530.5604.8161204.975204.87479.45340.56
101080 Sarah Squires & Dexter204.7580.2504.7180204.7129204.75113.8178.9503.06
Level 2
11622 Pat Wills & Lulu204.95151204.9117.07205126.69204.957299.8466.76
21039 Jackie Pywell & Jessie2053820526.31105402055290156.31
31228 Rob Warman & Bella20512220514.44205105.3110512090361.75
41154 Glenis Charles & Loxley20596204.9128.4520599.4410510589.9428.89
51191 Liz Sollars & Oz2057320516.0620592.94104.810789.8289
61321 Deb Atkins & Belle104.8520320576.1220570.49204.912189.75470.61
71251 Zoe Ashman & Swift2058120536.8110565.43104.921979.9402.24
81261 Fiona Vaughan & Dot104.917120549.7510558.6920514879.9427.44
91077 Elizabeth Beaumont & Ceri20512910574.12104.897.322059979.8399.44

Trial Manager and Judges Reports


Firstly, my apologies for the delay in this report, but with Crufts and the lead up my days have been so full. I’d like to thank Karen Denton for inviting me to judge, it was an enjoyable day, thank you to her helpers who were attentive and hard-working. My two scribes Pete & Sarah, you were both brilliant, plus of cause the competitors for their entry.
It was winter at its best, we saw rain, wind, snow and hail. But the competitors did not let it spoil their scenting. Well done to their lovely dogs for working in such conditions.
My co-judge for the day was Harry Latusek. My task was to covered the exterior searches. On the whole the standard was very good, although a few false calls and a couple ran out of time.
The exterior search was on a slabbed area at the back of the hall, there were a few smells on the ground which the dogs picked up and caused a problem for some but on the whole the handlers worked well to keep their dogs focused.
Congratulations to everyone who won rosettes today, a clean sweep and couple of excellent awards. Everyone today, are more than capable of getting into the rosettes, so keep up the training, your time will come.
I placed the articles giving enough room for the handlers to walk around, the item scented was a toy post box, which unfortunately had to be changed halfway through due to it getting soiled. So the scented item changed onto a toy. All handlers requested to know the 3 items.
The scent was placed just below the number plate in the grill. There did not seem to be many issues with this find, even with the wind. A couple were more interested in the grass and bushes, but the handlers did well to get the dogs focused.
1st Sue Ellis & Delphi – brilliant team, congratulations to you both, I’m sure we will see you move up very quickly, gained their excellent title today. 2nd Rachel Williams & Finch another lovely team also gaining their excellent today, well done. 3rd. Lynne White & Alize This boy just needs to concentrate on the job in hand a little more, but a good find so well done. 4th Anita Owen & Jim handled really well. 5th Ellen Ward Lindley & Jack gaining a Clean Sweep on his first Trial, very well done.

After a short lunch-break we continued with the next level. This time my task was the interior searches. I placed the scents on a shoe box just to the left through the cones and on the black bag on the opposite side. There were a couple of false calls, both on separate bags. The box did not seem to cause a problem. The only observation I saw here was a couple of handlers not allowing their dogs to work the full area.
The scent on this occasion was placed on the underside of the chair to the front left as handlers went through the cones. The perimeter was placed in a stacked basket in the far corner. Just one dog failed to find the scent on the chair due to handler not allowing the dog to work around the table, be mindful that the scent could be coming under the table. I was pleased to see in most cases the dogs were allowed to follow their instinct to find the scent. Congratulations to everyone your dogs did a great dog.
1st Pat Wills & Lulu Lovely spaniel who worked well. Congratulations. 2nd Jackie Pywell & Jessie Boy this dog did not waste time, best search of the day straight onto both scents. A real pleasure to watch. 3rd Rob Warman & Bella A lovely search, this dog really covers the area a good team. 4th Glenis Charles & Loxley This Collie works at speed but his head was down and he meant business today finding the scents without any problem. Well done.
Thank you everyone for making this day so enjoyable, it was a pleasure meeting you all watching your lovely dogs.

Judges comments
A big Thankyou to Karen for inviting me along to this lovely venue in Rubery.I co judged the level 1 and 2 trials with my good friend, Gloria Bonnell.Thankyou also to my scribe for the day,Michelle,you did an excellent job,as always,as did the lovely Liz,our runner for the day.
It was a very cold windy day,coupled with heavy rain and sleet showers.A white dog was used prior to all searches commencing.
I took on the roll of judging the interior searches in level one.

Tables and Chairs
I set the tables and chairs up in a square pattern,hiding the scent underneath the furthest away chair,to the left rear.
11 of the 12 teams running,correctly finding this.Excellent teamwork by Dawn and Chance and Sue and Delphi,both in a time of 19 seconds.Closely followed by Anita and Reggie and Rachel and Dude,in 22 and 23 seconds,respectively.A few of the dogs were a little distracted at first by their surroundings,,but nevertheless going on to complete their task successfully.

Boxes and Luggage
I laid out some 14 boxes and bags,placing the scent inside the flap of a black bag,which I sited centrally within the search area.10 of the 12 teams were successful in finding this,with the remaining two indicating on an adjoining bag.Some lovely handling shown all round,excellent searching by Amanda and Farley,12 secs.Lynne and Alize,18 secs and Rachel and Finch in 31 seconds.
Overall,some lovely teams in the making,and I look forward to seeing some of you again in the future.
Congratulations to our eventual rosette winners,two of whom gained their excellence rosettes,which has been previously covered in the TM s comments.

Level 2
I moved outside in the afternoon to conduct the exterior and vehicle searches.

I placed out some 14 items in a fenced of paved area.The 1st scent was hidden in the handle of a small fire extinguisher, and placed left centre of the search area,the second in the funnel of a red and black ball launcher,to the left of the start line.
Despite the gusty wind,sleet and hailstones,the majority of teams coped admirably with the conditions,with 10 of the 12 teams,correctly finding both,the remaining 2 finding 1.
Some lovely teamwork shown by Rob and Bella and Liz and Oz,both working of lead and finding both in some 14 and 16 seconds respectively.These were closely followed by Jackie and Jessie,also of lead,and Zoe and Swift in 26 and 36 seconds.

The vehicle search proved a little difficult for some of the dogs,owing to the blustery swirling wind.Only 5 of the 12 teams correctly finding both hides.I placed 1 scent in the bottom sill of the first vehicle,between the driver and passenger doors.The 2nd I hid in the front passenger side wheel of vehicle 3.As I previously said,the wind played havoc with the scent cone on the first vehicle,resulting in half of the dogs indicating on the sill,some 2 feet away from the actual scent item,the others worked their way along the sill, to source.
Lovely searching by Deb and Belle,Glenis and Loxley,Pat and Lulu,Liz and Oz and Rob and Bella.
My congrats to the eventual rosette winners and to Jackie and Jessie in achieving their excellence Rosette.
I wish you all success in your future trials.

Trial Manager’s Report

The tail end of Storm Jorge presented us with quite a challenge during the day for our Levels 1 & 2 Trials at Rubery. We had everything from lovely sunshine, hail, horizontal snow and extreme gales. However, none of this put off our intrepid triallers who remained cheerful and resolute throughout even when it was too much for Harry and Michelle who had to take shelter in the porch. I have to say, though, I’ve never seen Michelle look so cold in all the trials she’s scribed for me or elsewhere!

Many thanks indeed to Harry and Gloria for judging for me today, Michelle, Peter, and Sarah for scribing and doing a sterling job and to Liz who was runner all day and kept everyone where they should be making sure that all the reactive dogs, (and we had lots today!), stayed calm and comfortable.

Huge congratulations to our winners who were Sue & Delphi in Level 1 gaining Excellence and Rachel & Finch 2nd with Excellence. Also to Pat & Lulu who won Level 2 and to 2nd place Jackie & Jessie who also won her Excellent title. Congratulations to Lynne & Alize 3rd and Anita & Jim 4th in Level 1 and to Rob & Bella and Glenis & Loxley who took 3rd and 4th respectively in Level 2.

Huge thanks to all the competitors who joined us today. I hope you all enjoyed the day whether or not you were successful. Remember, we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes so I hope everyone was able to take away a little bit of something to help you with the next trial.

See you again sometime.

Karen Denton

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