Sat 29 Jul 2023, Haynes Village Hall

Levels L3 & L7: Judges - Bettina Colliver/Stacey Robinson

Haynes Village Hall, 25, Northwood End Road, Haynes, Bed, MK45 3QB

Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Katherine Miell

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Bettina Colliver

L3 Interior
I judge the interior searches for L3 at Haynes on Saturday.

First search was table, chairs and perimeter items. Clove was placed under the tabletop at a corner and the gun oil was placed on a cycling helmet. The cycling helmet was one of the first items the dog would search if starting the on the perimeter items in an antilock wise direction. Most dismissed the bike helmet on the first encounter but all teams found it in the end. The hide on the table proved more challenging and required some problem solving from the dogs as they often got drawn to it from the opposite side of the table to where the hide was. All teams found the hide on the bike helmet and only one team missed the hide on the table.

Next up was boxes, bags and containers. Clove was under the flap of a cardboard box by a corner and the gun oil was placed in the opening of a bag. The box was the first item many of the dogs search and all of them, except Nell, dismissed the box on the first encounter even they had their nose on or very near the source. The bag required the dogs approaching it from the open end to pick up the scent and they were very quick to find the source when they did. All teams found both hides.

Well done to everyone for qualifying and congratulation to all the rosette winners.

Stacey Robinson

L7 Sat 29th July
First search Int 1 – unknown hides, unknown time. Teams were given 4.5mins to clear the entrance hall and adjacent room with 3 hides present.

First hide – bottom left door frame between two areas. Truffle.

Second Hide – bottom of corner cabinet in adjacent room, needed tasking in from handler. Gun.

Third Hide – hinge of door near fire extinguisher.

This left the entrance hall empty – and was often where people lost time, three teams found all hides, but only Bev & Tye were confident to call clear successfully with 3 seconds to spare! Brilliant search to watch, and set the standard required for the day.

– known hides, 5. Time unknown. 4mins was given.

Search area was the changing rooms.
One gun oil hide in radiator in first room.
Room to left – clove half way down box bench on right of room, truffle on broom on left hand bench, gun oil on back of radiator at end of room. Fifth hide was clove, on step to shower room.

Most teams successfully found four, and missed different hides – always one out of the three in the same room. Searching wasn’t methodical for most, handlers seemed to get lost in the rooms, which didn’t help the search.
Helen & Tym looked set to get all 5, with some great teamwork, but just missed the head flick on the radiator hide!

– known hides 4, known time 3mins
Small area, alcove plus 5m wall either side, and 6 items scattered.
First hide halfway along window sill, clove. Second was truffle on plant pot 2m away. Clove again inside the alcove in the bottom back door step, and gun oil on the bin wheel at the very end of the search.

3 mins was plenty of time to go around the search twice or more. The two trickier hides was the window sill and plant pot and handlers working between the two.

Huge well done to Lynda & Magic, finding all four with the smallest dog on the day, just a shame you lost handling digging the hide out the plant pot right at the end! You were certainly the top team in this search!

Huge well done to Bev & Tye for taking the win, and all other teams for your hard work.

Stacey Robinson

L3 Exterior
I judged the two exterior searches for L3 at Haynes on Saturday, and the weather was bright and sunny!

First up was the exterior items. Gun oil was placed on a camping chair, and clove in an umbrella. The wind was swirling which didn’t help some teams, but the awesome Saatchi air scented her way in to the chair, and was just fantastic to watch! Only two teams missed out on both hides, mistaking interest for indication (we’ve all done it!) on different items.

Second area – wall search.
One hide in a vent near the door (gun) and one in the black pipe. The second one many found harder to work in, with the wind blowing scent, and it needing to be tasked from the left side. A few deductions on handling here for touching the wall!

With 5 teams finishing on 100, it was down to time for placings – some of which was how some teams used the wind to their advantage!

Well done all

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