Sat 2nd Nov 2019, Aldingbourne

Levels 3 & 4: Judge - Harold Latusek & Keith Clowes
T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1Anne and Rosalie2051512054920512120528100349
2Rachel and lollie205462054320532204.88399.8204
3Helen and Toby204.9113204.958205582053499.8263
4Claire and Jelly105117205107205612056590350
5susan and Jazz10512420555204.81342053489.8347
6Anne and Dilly10516620588204.52832053989.5576
7Pam and Willow10568205145204.5233204.516589611
8Vanessa and Willow10516610510720520510413069608
9Jenny and Frankie04.8274204.8277000103.527543.1826
Level 4
1Angela and Woody205802051022054320547100272
2Richard and Ziggy2051072055820548205107100320
3Jane and Febe 20540204.971205272053499.9172
4Martina and Phoebe 205102204.82162051132056899.8499
5Deborah and Majic204.81192054220529204.86199.6251
6Nicola and Timber20513310551205752053090289
7Ruth and Dot 10515220542205832055090327
8Anne and Buzzy205107105134205762054190358
9Mark and Kibo2053420548204.81151055989.8256
10kim and Remy1059510548205722052780242
11Diana and Bella 20515010548105752053780310
12Rachel and Maddie10587104.982205852054879.9302
13John and Storm 20534104.8168104.25160204.86078.85422

Harold Latusek


I’ll begin by thanking Anna Coyne for inviting me along to Judge the levels 3 and 4,at thier lovely farm venue,in Aldingbourne.I believe her first time as Trials Manager,one would never have guessed,everything ran to perfection.A Thankyou to my scribes for the day,Ant and Sue,you did an excellent job,also Lorraine,Mark,Helen and Sarah.So many eager to help,it was lovely,
I co judged on the the day with with my good friend,Keith Clowes.
The weather,well,I think NOAH would have been at home with his ark,add in blustery winds to accompany the rain.Anna has already mentioned the use of the open barn,so I won’t duplicate.I took on the task of judging the vehicle and boxes and luggage searches in level 4.
A white dog was used prior to all searches.

I lined up the 3 vehicles in the barn, side by side, with approx a meter between them.I chose to hide both scents on the middle vehicle.The cloves scent,in the bottom seam of the rear offside passenger door, and the gun oil,in the bottom seam of the near side front passenger door.A slight hiccup after a few dogs had ran,the gun oil scent had become dislodged and was replaced with a fresh scent cloth.14 teams took part,of which 12 correctly identified both scents.the remaining two finding 1.Some lovely searching and teamwork,with Jane and Febe finding both in some 27 seconds,closely followed by Deborah and Magic in 29 secs.

I placed out 14 articles in the search area, and chose to use 2 identical multi coloured suitcases,placing 1 scent in each,under the plastic rim surrounding the handle.They were sited,1 immediately in front of the start cones to the left,the other at the rear of the search area.The distraction scents,Vanilla and tea were placed in boxes,to the middle left and right.Handling was of a good standard,many of the dogs working independently and methodical in thier task.12 of the 14 teams gaining 100% success.Excellent work by Kim and Remy,Nicola and Timber,Jane and Febe and Diana and Bella,in times of 27,30,34 and 37 seconds respectively.
An excellent display all round and I congratulate our eventual rosette winners.
1st.Angela and Woody,2nd.Richard and Ziggy,both on 100 points and achieving thier excellence.3rd on 99.8 also gaining thier excellence,Jane and Febe.4th Martina and Phoebe on 99.8.
It goes without saying,the standard was exceptionally high as can be see by the final scoring.
I wish all of you good luck in your future trials.

Moving on in the afternoon to level 3,where I again judged the boxes and luggage and vehicle searches.We had a total of 9 entrants

I hid both scents in the zip compartment of 2 identical rucksacks,placing 1 at its furthest away point from the start line and the other immediately in front of the cones,to the left.This proved no problem whatsoever for 7 of the teams,correctly finding both in some very quick times,the remaining 2 finding 1.Lovely teamwork shown by,Anne and Rosaline,28secs,Helen and Toby,Geoff and Jazz,34 secs,Anne and Dilly,39 secs.and Claire and Jelly,65 secs.Your dogs were a credit to you.

We continued to hold this search once again in the barn,the weather still a little unpredictable.The 3 vehicles being lined up side by side.
1 car to the left of the area,the remaining 2 vehicles being small vans.I hid the cloves scent on the bottom seam of the rear right hand door of van 1,parked immediately in front of the start cones.The 2nd van,I hid the gun oil scent in the rear left hand door hinge.8 of the 9 teams finding both scents with ease.Excellent searching by Rachel and Lollie,finding the 1st scent in 6 secs.and both in 32 secs.Very closely followed by Helen and Toby,also finding the 1st scent in 6 secs and both in 58 secs.The remaining teams a little slower but very methodical and lovely indications by all.
The overall standard of handling was very high and long may it continue.It was a pleasure to watch you all.
Well done to our eventual rosette winners.
1st.Anne and Rosaline,2nd.Rachel and Lollie,(Excellence),3rd.Helen and Toby(Excellence).4th.Claire and Jellie.
Well done to all of you who took part,in what was a rather difficult trial,given the weather conditions.
I wish you all the best in the future and look forward to seeing some of you again.

Judges report by Keith Clowes
Level 3 & 4 competition at Adlingbourne on the 2nd November.
Anna Coyne kindly asked Harry Latusek, my side kick and friend, and I to judge a level 3 & 4 competition at Adlingbourne on the 2nd November.
We arrived there in the middle of a gale with heavy rain that was being driven horizontal by the gale force winds. We had a word with all those taking part about putting the exterior and vehicle searchs inside a very large open barn, as the area for the exterior search was being blown away. All those competing agreed to holding it in the barn otherwise we would have had to try to hold the vehicle and exterior search in the storm.
We started with the Level 4
I did the table/chairs and perimeter first. I placed the gun oil on the nearest chair and the cloves in the seam of the far door. Most the dogs found both scents although a couple had problems locating the scent in the door frame. 11 teams found both scents. I was impressed with the handlers and also the way they worked has a team with their dogs. Mark and Kibo were the fasted in 34 seconds.
The exterior search was next. I put the Cloves in the end of a log and the Gun oil in a large black flower pot. Most dogs found the gun oil in the pot but several had problems with the cloves in the end of the log. Some of the handlers ignored the log. 7 teams found both scents, with Deborah and Majic the fasted in 42 seconds.
On both searches I used tea and vanilla. One dog had problems with vanilla and I later found out the handler’s partner had been feeding the dog vanilla ice cream. Again, I was impressed with the handling by all.
I was really impressed with the following teams in my 2 areas. In no particular order:
Mark and Kibo, Richard with Ziggy, Ruth with Dot, Martina with Phoebe, Rachel with Maddie, Angela with woody. I would also like to congratulate the following for being the top four:
1st. Angela with Woody scored 100 points
2nd. Richard with Ziggy scored 100 points
3rd. Jane with Febe scored 99.8 points
4th Martina with Phoebe 99.8 points
The 1st 3 also gained their excellence. The handing throughout was very high, as can be seen from the scores. Time had to be used to get the final placing.

Next, we did the level 3
I started with the exterior search. I put the gun oil scent in a vehicle jack and the cloves in a container. 8 of the teams found both scents. The handlers and their dogs worked well together with some excellent quick times. Rachel and Lollie were the fastest at 43 seconds.
Then I did the tables/chairs and perimeter. I put the cloves scent on a chair and the gun oil in the joint on the side of a child’s plastic slide. Most teams found the chair with no problems but the slide did produce some problems. Mainly because there was a draft from one of the doors and the scent was on the down side of the slide. Again, the handling was very good. With Rachel and Lollie the fastest in 46 seconds.
The following teams impressed me on both searches. Anne with Rosalie, Rachel with Lollie.
I would like to congratulate the following for being the top 4.
1st. Anne with Rosalie
2nd. Rachel with Lollie
3rd. Helen with Toby
4th. Claire with Jelly
The following also got their excellence, Rachel with Lollie, Helen and Toby. I was pleased to see a high standard of handling throughout by the handers and the way the dogs worked.
My thanks go to all the competitors for such a warm welcome. Also, my thanks go to my scribes Loraine, Helen, Sue and Aart, who were so fantastic putting up with the cold wet weather and ensuring we kept on top of the paper work. I must not forget Anna her first trial and she did such a great job keeping it running, especially with the weather conditions.

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