Sat 7th Sep 2019, Bodle Street Green

Levels 1 & 4: Judges - Chas Robert & one other TBC
Level 1

1 Linda Parker and Kite – 99.8
2 Caroline Nicholson and Gus – 99.65
3 Jenny Williams and Bridget – 99.4
4 Emma Johnstone and Candy – 98.25
5 Jo Crawford and Tollo – 79.35
6 Aart Dubbledam and Elly – 78.8

Level 4

1 Lindsey Davies and Chip – 99.5
2 Jane Ellis and Febe – 98.7
3 Deborah Palmer and majic – 89.7
4 Mark Phillips and Kibo – 89.35
5 Carina Stevenson and Dillon – 89.2
6 Carole Brooke and Alfie – 79.3

What an amazing day we started with the Level 1 and 8 competitors, lots of first time competitors so nerves where high. We were lucky with the weather staying dry for us.

They all did amazingly with 6 passing and 4 clean sweeps making first place very close! Well done everyone!

This afternoon was the level 4 with 6 competitors, there was 100% pass rate and two clean sweeps. The dogs worked so well especially on the tables and chairs and perimeter which was a big area.

All the competitors were a joy to have attend and spirits were kept high and lots of chatting and catching up. Thank you for being so lovely with lovely doggies!

Ruth Payton and Chas Robert did an amazing job judging for me, thank you. Lorraine Robert, Lucy Bassett and Carina Stevenson scribed and Carole Brooke and Sharon both running. Thank you so much, trials wouldn’t happen without all this help.

So proud of everyone and to the helpers! I shall see you all soon at more trials!!!!

Charles Robert

Level 1

My first search was vehicles. I used my Land Rover which has a special tow point. Where the tow ball is attached there is a short vertical slot in a plate and the scent was placed within the slot which meant it could be accessed from either below or above and so it suited all sizes of dog. I placed the vehicle with the tow point facing the start line. The breeze was blowing left to right. The vehicle stood on a cut grass covered field. There was a very speedy find from Aart and Elly in just 8.4 seconds and several others quickly located the source including Lynn and Kite who eventually went on to win the trial. Other teams needed to work round the vehicle in both directions before locating the scent. A few handlers kept their leads too tight and they didn’t immediately recognise when their dogs had knocked the scent. In the main the teamwork was very good and the majority of teams were successful.

The exterior search proved to be more of a challenge. The area was not marked out with netting so I had to indicate the approximate area involved. The cut grass field was enclosed by a hedge, so many handlers chose to let their dogs search off lead. The breeze blowing left to right did affect the scent cloud tending to blow it to the right. Several dogs vied off to the right but they were following the scent and though they went wide I didn’t penalise them for that. There were some terrific whiplash moments, the best for me was from Gus which his handler Carolyn instantly reacted to and so they had no problem indicating on the scented article which was a steering wheel placed rim side down . Those who kept their dogs on lead had a struggle to meet the challenge of keeping the lead loose however the overall success rate was high indeed.

Level 4

The container search was my first section. I chose two similar looking bags and placed them about five feet apart. I added a box with an almond scent nearby to make up a triangle. The toothpaste was placed in a box some distance away. Despite this challenge no one was totally caught out though there was one team that almost indicated twice on the same bag. Well done to all teams for your success and showing your experience. Several handlers including Carol and Alfie, Lyndsey and Chip, Corina and Dillon allowed their dogs a good degree of independence to very good affect.

The tables and chairs and perimeter was my second search. The room was large and had many natural features to search so I did not add that many additional items. I chose a door seam for the cloves and the inside of a handle on a walking crutch for the gun oil. There was distraction scent placed under the outside corner of one of the tables where the leg met the table top. Another distraction scent was placed in the tube of a vacuum cleaner head. A few dogs indicated on one or other distraction scents (almond and toothpaste) but in the main the success rate was high. I witnessed some excellent handling from Lyndsey and Chip. Jane had to work hard with Phebe who is quite a vocal and excitable dog but she did well to task Phebe, as necessary, and she ensured good coverage of the search area. Mark was so sure of Kibo’s indication on the table but he was devastated to discover it was the scent of toothpaste that had drawn Kibo to indicate, never the less Mark deserves praise for his excellent pre start preparations that settle Kibo into the mood to search diligently from the off.

T&C - A/FT&C - HT&C - TES - A/FES - HES - TVS - A/FVS - HVS - TB&L - A/FB&L - HB&L - TMarksTime
A/F = Alert FindH = HandlingT = Time (seconds)
Tables & ChairsExterior SearchVehicle SearchBoxes & LuggageTotals
1 Linda Parker and Kite204.9462055420530204.95599.8185
2Caroline Nicholson and Gus2051520539204.7542204.98099.65176
3Jenny Williams and Bridget204.92120592204.51292052699.4268
4Emma Johnstone and Candy204.512920566204.75672049498.25356
5Jo Crawford and Tollo204.83620527204.753204.83279.35127
6Aart Dubbledam and Elly205920449205804.86578.8131
Level 4
1Lindsey Davies and Chip20578204.9100204.7214204.911099.5502
2Jane Ellis and Febe204.75160204.785204.592204.754298.7379
3Deborah Palmer and majic20512020576104.8102204.97389.7371
4Mark Phillips and Kibo10561204.969204.7206204.7511489.35450
5Carina Stevenson and Dillon104.9113204.5186204.817020510789.2576
6Carole Brooke and Alfie104.9204204.6192104.8962054279.3534

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Entry Fees: £25 per dog. Capped at 12 entries. Only one dog per handler.
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