Sun 01 Aug 2021, Combeinteignhead

Levels 1 & 3: Judges - Debra Cassidy & Katrina Cameron

Shaldon Road, Combeinteignhead, Newton Abbot TQ12 4RG

Start: 9.30 and 11.30 for L3, 13.30 and 15.00 for L1
Entry Fees: £27 per dog.
Contact: Sara Seymour

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Level 3: It was super to get back to a Scentwork UK trial and my first level 3 judging appointment; so thank you Sara for asking me to judge. It seemed a long time since I had been to the hall at Combeinteignhead but on arrival I had a look around and decided where I would park my car and started to look at suitable places for a hide on the wall and decided the entry point for the teams.

The weather was not kind for the outside searches, rain but no wind and it was very hot, humid and still later on. The exterior search took place on the patio area. The gun oil hide was in the middle of the collapsed plastic grey crate and the clove in the folds of the large garden chair.

The wall hide was clove and was behind a post on the wall, near to the ground near to the bottom of the sloping walkway.The clove hide on the vehicle was at the bottom of the “Suzuki S “ on the front grill.

As the hall is larger we were able to set up both search areas with teams coming through different doors for bags and containers and tables and chairs and perimeter.
The gun oil was on the smaller of the boxes (closest to entry point), I had chosen and the clove on the other box.

I had placed items around the perimeter, but the one hide (clove) was at the bottom of the closed door and the gun oil was on the table leg.

It was a pleasure to watch the teams working and I had to remember to breathe. I was so engrossed when I could see the dog had hit odour but was working to the source. The handlers were a bit nervous as this was the first trial in a while. I would remind you to read guidelines to refresh memories and read through the deductions. However overall some great work and you should all be pleased.

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