Sun 01 May 2022, Moreleigh

Level 3: Judge - Debra Cassidy

Moreleigh Village Hall, Halwell, Moreleigh, Totnes TQ9 7FH

Start: 13:30
Entry Fees: £27 per dog.
Contact: Sara Seymour

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Thank you Sara for asking me to you and my thanks to Kate for scribing for me. The weather was not kind and it rained all day and there was very little wind. Teams got very wet and the dogs really soggy, but the teams and handling were the sunshine.

I saw some really great handling that showed off the relationships between dog and handler as they encourage very wet dogs to catty on searching.

Exterior search – clove on the anglepoise lamp and gun oil on the toy shopping baskets.,
Boxes & Luggage – clove on the laptop bag and gun oil on the rectangular bag.
Wall and vehicle – clove and wall and gun oil on silver car
Tables and chairs – clove on hinge of under stage cupboard and gun oil on chair

All teams worked hard throughout all searches and you should all remember that level 3 is a big step up from level 2 not only with the introduction of good oil but teams were working through their strategies whether to reward after the first find or not. There were some fantastic indications and great moments where dogs hit odour then worked their way back to source.

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