Sun 02 Apr 2023, Thurleigh

Level 2: Judge - Sarah Witkin

27 High Street, Thurleigh, MK44 2DB

Start: 10am
Entry Fees: £30 per dog.
Contact: Marianne Tembey
– Tel: 07949786255

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Marianne Tembey

trial manager – Marianne Tembey

A huge thank you to Sarah Witkin for judging and Julie Fletcher for scribing. Also thank you to all the competitors who attended. Some travelled a fair distance. It was a great day although a trifle cold when waiting in the carpark.

Everyone qualified which was great. It was really lovely watching some of the searches. plus it was great to welcome a few people to Thurleigh who had never been there before.

I look forward to watching these teams work there way through the levels.

Thank you Marianne

Thank you the Marianne for inviting me to judge the Level 2 at Thurleigh. Thank you to Julie Fletcher for scribing too.

It was a little chilly as there was a cold wind but the sun shone through the clouds giving a little warmth now and then.

We have a great mix of dogs in this level two from the giant to the not so big. We started with tables, chairs and perimeter. The teams worked very well with some lovely searches. One team Fiona with Bonnie had a unique no slightly novel indication on the chair. Bonnie jumped up on the chair and indicated almost turning herself upside down but knew exactly where it was!

The teams then went outside to do the exterior search. The wind whirled around the search area a bit making conditions more challenging but the teams coped well.

After that it was back inside for the boxes and luggage. Some teams found this more of a challenge and I think when they had been round and found one and then struggled to find the next nerves got the better of some and caused some dabs to false indicate. There were some lovely searches too Michele and Cocoa did a super search covering the items in a thorough and strategic way and worked beautifully as a team. Another lovely search was Lynda and Kai.

The wall was the last search and again there were some great searches with handlers reading their dogs very well.

Congratulations to everyone for qualifying and to the top 4, 1st Claire and Eddy, 2nd Michelle and Wally 3rd Lynda and Kai, 4th Ruth and Satchi

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