Sun 02 Aug 2020, Elton

Levels 1 & 2: Judges - Nikki Johnson. Becca Gray.

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

Judge Report-
Sunday 2nd August was a fantastic, warm and exciting day. It was brilliant to see so many friendly, eager teams keen to get back into the flow of trials. All teams were completely understanding of the current restrictions and measures put in place to protect us all and retain social distancing at all times and the adaptations that were made by Trial manager Justine proved to be extremely effective.

Level 1 trial:
An excellent group of competitors and their handlers. All teams tackled their searches with excitement and motivation and with this came a lot of success!
The handling I observed was outstanding and there were some excellent examples of handlers understanding their dogs body language. It was heartwarming to see dogs of all ages taking part with such enthusiasm, from little Brie’s puppy bounces, to Oscars celebratory steal!

Level 2 trial:
As we moved into the Level 2 trial, the weather became warmer and the wind picked up a little. All teams coped extremely well with the additional wind, and it was lovely to see a number of handlers checking for wind direction and taking this into consideration when searching. Dogs did not seem phased by the wind, nor did they take note of the occasional traffic noise. Once again, handlers demonstrated fantastic handling, and in addition to this, some brilliant celebrations, which their dogs appreciated and was absolutely uplifting to observe.

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