Sun 02 Jan 2022, Haynes

Levels 1 & 5: Judges - Harry Latusek & Gloria Bonnell

Haynes Village Hall, 25 Northwood End Rd, Haynes, Bedfordshire

Start: L1 0915 & L5 1330
Entry Fees: £28 per dog.
Contact: Stacey Robinson

Trial Manager and Judges Reports

A big Thankyou to Stacey for inviting me along to co-judge this level 1 at Haynes with Gloria Bonnell.Also a Thankyou to my 2 lovely scribes on the day,Chloe and Hayley,you did a wonderful job.
I was tasked with judging the interior searches
I arranged the 2 tables and 8 chairs in a square pattern in the centre of the room,hiding the cloves scent underneath the furthest away chair from the start line.
7 out of the 10 competing teams were successful.Excellent handling and searching by Emma/Bonnie,Susan/Cloud,Katy/Rico and Bettina and Tor.All finding the hidden scent with relative ease in some 22,28,38 and 39 seconds respectively.

Boxes and luggage
I laid out some 12 boxes and luggage in equal,proportions.
The scent I tucked into the handle of a large suitcase which I placed to the far right of the search area.
Once again some lovely teamwork,with 7 being successful in finding the hidden scent.
Excellent work by Fiona and Jonesy in 10 seconds,closely followed by Leanne/Jasper,Emma/Bonnie and Katy/Rico.Susan and Cloud gave a lovely display of methodical searching.

We had 7 qualifiers out of 10 on the day.Some excellent teamwork and searching by the majority,they were a pleasure to judge.I am sure that most will go on to achieve their goles.
Good luck to all of you in the future and I hope to meet up with some,if not all of you,somewhere along the road….

Level 5
The weather was looking rather grim so it was decided to commence the trial with the exterior search
This was set up to the side of the main building on a grassy patch,being overlooked by a large public playing field.
3 hides- 3 minutes
1st hide was placed under a large recycling bin at the start of the search area,number 2 was hidden at the bottom of a door frame which led to the main building,last but not least,number 3 was tucked into brickwork,behind a down pipe at its furthest away point from the start.
No problem at all to these veterans,6 of the 7 finding all 3 with relative ease,the other finding 2.
Excellent work by Lynda and Magic,finding all in 42 seconds,closely followed by Emma and Murphy in54 secs.

Interior search One
5 hides-5 minutes
The area chosen was a decent sized hallway and alcove which led to the ladies,gents and disabled toilets.
Two scents were hidden on the left side of the area,1 at the bottom left of a door frame,the other half way along the wall behind a radiator.The remaining 3 were hidden on the right side of the search area,2 in the alcove leading to the disabled toilets,1 behind a cabinet the other tucked into the skirting board in a corner.The 5th scent was hidden in the brickwork,approx 2 ‘ from the ground on the right side wall.
3 teams found all,2 teams found 4 and the remaining team found 3.
Emma and Murphy along with Anne and Missy put on a wonderful display of methodical searching and teamwork.Vanessa and Lola,bless ‘Em,persevered , and eventually were rewarded in finding all the hides with 8 seconds to spare.

Interior 2
4 hides- 4 mins 30
I chose another one of the many rooms leading of the main hallway at this excellent venue.
The 4 hides were placed around the perimeter of the room.
Hide 1,behind the door,2’ above ground,immediately to the right of entrance.Number 2,on the right side of the room,tucked into handle of plastic tote box.Number 3,same side,in a book,placed on a chair.The 4th scent was hidden in a chair,bet the frame and cushion,at the far side of the room.
I’m glad to say that all teams were successful in finding all the scents,some handlers were a little unsure with the book scent,however their dogs were adamant,(one dog even decided to read the book to convince its handler), and thankfully owners trusted them enough to call.
All 7 teams put on an excellent display of Scentwork,it was a pleasure to judge them and see the progress they have made.
All 7 qualified with the top 2 achieving maximum scores.
The rosette winners were…..1.Emma and Murphy….2.Vanessa and Lola….3rd.Anne and Missy….4th Nikki and Peppa..1st and 2nd placings and 3rd and 4th were decided on time.
Good luck in the future to all of the teams,I hope we do meet up again at some stage……

Firstly thank you Stacey Robinson for inviting me to judge Level 1 at Hayes. I received a lovely welcome by all concerned, and it was a very pleasant day. Also thank you to my able scribe Hayley.
I covered the two outside searches. Firstly the Car/wall search. The wall was used and the scent was hidden at the side of a large down pipe. Very good handling by the majority working hard to get their dogs scenting along a wall with quite a few distractions.
Second exterior search there were 10 items and the scent was hidden on the leg of a folded camp chair. Once again lovely handling with the added distractions of being next to a park and public walking dogs.
1st with 100 points Katy Smith & Rico. A GSD. What a lovely combination, not an easy dog but handled to perfection. Well done, well deserved.
2nd Susan Elliott & Cloud. A steady worker, remember to have faith in your dog, but well done on your placing.
3rd Emma Bearman & Bonnie Lovely Spaniel typical of the breed excited in his
work. Handler did a good job settling him down.
4th Leanne Albone & Jasper Lab. well handled and worked well finding the
scent with ease.
Well done those who were just out of the rosettes today, give yourselves a pat on the back you all handled well and your time will come.
Thank you all for your entry and I look forward to judging you again in the future

Stacey Robinson

TM report –
Thank you everyone for making the first trials at Haynes a pleasure!

L1 – we had some new teams to Scentwork which is always a pleasure to see, and know they’ll be back in future to continue! I know one or two of the teams, and to see them step out of their comfort zones, and try today, was brilliant! The sun shone, I had the pleasure of meeting some more unusual breeds (Racer Ron & Cloud!) and some competitors I’ve not met before, you were all great and supportive! Katy & Rico got past the flooring issue (floor mats have been purchased for trials and training!) to win being the only
team with 100!

L5 – brilliant searching, we started the exterior first to avoid the rain; and just moved inside when the heavens opened! Lovely to see you all again (I’ve met most of you in competition before!).

Fantastic & fair judging from Harry Latusek and Gloria Bonnell (competitor feedback has been brilliant) and we look forward to welcoming you back in future!

Once again huge Thankyou to my scribes Hayley & Chloe, and to all competitors, without you, we wouldn’t have trials to put on!

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